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Bee2: Wrestling with the Vultr API

19 July, 2017
No one enjoys changing hosting providers. I haven’t had to often, but when I have, it involved manual configuration and copying files. As I’m looking to deploy some new projects, I’m attempting to automate the provisioning process, using hosting providers with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to automatically create virtual machines and ...
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Croatian Sunset

Cloud at Cost Part II: The Unsustainable Business Model

7 July, 2017
Cloud at Cost Main Page Screenshot
Back in 2013, a startup known as Cloud at Cost attempted to run a hosting service where users paid a one-time cost for Virtual Machines (VMs). For a one-time fee, you could get a server for life. I had purchased one of these VMs, intending to use it as a status page. However, their service has been so unreliable that it’s a shot in the dark as to ...
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Cage with a View

Race to the Bottom

18 June, 2017
Photo: Nipapun Jiranukul - CC0
At a dinner table, a chap complains about 9am meetings with team members on the other side of the country, and how these early morning meetings, every workday for a year, feel draining and endless. A women is indignant at the chap’s hardship, and mentions her hour long commute in the mornings, followed by an hour commute in the evenings, often ...
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Island outside Dubrovnik

Return to Minimalism

13 June, 2017

The Bay and the City of Dubrovnik

Leaving Full Time Jobs

6 June, 2017
Car Driving Away
I used to work at the University of Cincinnati and whenever I got frustrated at staff meetings, I’d threaten to move to Australia. After a $300 application fee and a surprisingly short approval process, I had holiday work visa which allowed me to live and work in Australia for a full year. My manager led me to our director’s office. With my ...
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Where Dubrovnik Meets the Ocean

How Patreon is Disrupting YouTube and other Ad Supported Services

25 May, 2017
Patreon Logo
In recent months, there has been considerable debate by videos creators on YouTube about the future of generating revenue through Google’s extremely popular streaming video service. Advertisers are backing away from more controversial content and YouTube has begun to demonetize several types of videos. Services like Flattr, which attempted to ...
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Walls of Dubrovnik

Taking a Sabbatical

13 May, 2017

Rays Through the Clouds to the Ocean Floor

The American Banking System is Still in the 1990s

16 April, 2017
Notes of various currency
When I lived in Australia, sending money to an individual or business was as simple as knowing their Bank State Branch (BSB) number and account number. I could go through a web interface, or a phone app, and send $50 to a friend. It would show up the next morning in their account (or potentially the same day if we used the same bank). This ...
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Lighting Up the night in Dubrovnik

America and the Mexican Drug Trade

7 April, 2017
Border between United States and Mexico
Norte, a Mexican newspaper that has been publishing for nearly 30 years, announced that it was shutting down, after three journalists from various news agencies were killed last month. The effects of violence and gangs in parts of Mexico have led to this news organization’s concern over the safety of its reporters. Advocates for the removal of ...
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An Indian, an Asian and a Ginger walk into a Bar

Returning to America and the (Un)Affordable Care Act

14 March, 2017
Photo: Hoshino Ai - CC0
I worked in the American health insurance industry during the original Affordable Health Care (ACA) debates back around 2009. I watched a lot of money spent on completely wasteful projects as the entire industry lobbied against a public single-payer option. In January of 2016, I returned to the States after being outside the country for four ...
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Window to the Ocean

At Rest

10 February, 2017
Purple Flower in a Pond
When people die, we tend to say they are at rest. Headstones on burial mounds sometimes etch the words, “Rest in peace.” This euphemism isn’t limited to English. It exists word for word as the German phrase, “Ruhe in Frieden,” or the Spanish saying, “que descanse en paz.” In the conscious, living mind of an individual, rest is an action we take to ...
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Old Wall and the Bay

All Trump, All The Time

8 February, 2017

Fort in a Window