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Obama is requesting permission from Congress to commence bombing of Syria. As John Kerry continues to scream war cries, it should be clear the world that they are being lied to.

“The Iraqi regime possesses biological and chemical weapons. The Iraqi regime is building the facilities necessary to make more biological and chemical weapons1.” -George W. Bush

“The Main reason we went into Iraq at the time was that we though he had weapons of mass destruction. It turns out he didn’t2-” -George W. Bush

“The Syrian regime carried out a chemical weapons attack that killed well over a thousand people3-” -Barack Obama

Libya is still a disaster after Obama’s air strikes4. Furthermore there are reports that Saudi Arabia is sending convicted criminals to Syria in exchange for commuting their sentences5.

The English don’t want to bomb Syria6. The American people don’t want to bomb Syria7. Syrians living abroad don’t want America to bomb Syria8.

As David Cameron withdrew his support due to protests from citizens of the United Kingdom9, America is on its own now. Congress has two choices. It can approve the air strikes and some Americans will still believe that the United States has a functioning democracy. Or congress can deny authorization for war, and Obama, will most likely launch air strikes anyway. For most, this will once and for all, removing any preconceptions that America has a functioning democracy. For the sake of the Syrian people, I hope I’m wrong.

“America does not at the moment have a functioning democracy10,” -Jimmy Carter

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