Game Platform Score Summary
13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Switch 84% Amazing story based anime adventure, combined with a full turn based retro robot combat sim, that's amazingly well put together, fun and addictive.
Airborne Kingdom PC 77% A casual yet challenging, plot driven resource management game, with beautiful music and a fulfilling adventure.
Carto PC 78% A fun, kid friendly adventure with cute graphics, well thought out puzzles, and basic yet entertaining characters.
Cloudpunk PC 58% A Sci-Fi Nori story with amazing music and nostalgic pixel art, that lacks real risk, gameplay or complex story elements.
Cyberpunk 2077 PC 67% An amazingly well written story with fantastic world building that speaks to the cyberpunk genre of fiction, riddled with bugs and glitches that tragically deter from the overall experience.
Far Cry 4 PC 81% A story rich, open world shooter that journies through an East Asian war zone; building deep memorable characters while still having fun and not taking itself too seriously.
Far Cry 6 PC 70% A fun and channeling shooter with stunning graphics, but lackluster story that drags on needlessly, making it a less than worthy addition to the Far Cry franchise.
Far Cry New Dawn PC 74% A shortened Fry Cry game with simplified elements, and campy dialog, that builds upon the original with the right amount of color, humour and action.
Far: Changing Tides PC 79% A beautiful and well thought out puzzler with fantastic visual elements, even though the story is somewhat abstract.
Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 71% A remake faithful to the original characters with amazing story and combat, but way too drawn out turning a one act play into an entire feature.
Final Fantasy XVI PS5 69% With classic elements of Final Fantasy games, combined with a slow story and mediocre combat, this adventure still has an okay story despite inconsistency in pacing and character depth
Fire Emblem Engage Switch 62% Engaging role playing, turn based battle engine, juxtaposed to a mediocre story, terrible dialogue and neutered translations, make this a below average game in the Fire Emblem series.
Fire Emblem: Three Houses Switch 78% An excellent strategy game with solid story elements, but which requires multiple playthroughs to fully understand.
Frost Punk PC 85% A challenging resource management game with stunning artwork, rich story, and captivating gameplay that takes the player to the edge of a bleak frigged world.
Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut PS5 80% An astonishingly colorful world, with complex battle mechanics, okay characters, and a wonderful story that pulls the player into the legend of a samurai.
God of War Ragnarök PS5 92% A brawler of endless battles, mixed with simple puzzles, that drives the player through stunningly constructed worlds and a heartwarming story about the nature of fate, destiny and family.
Hi-Fi Rush PC 80% Unique and challenging beat matching brawler with amazing animation, silly characters, and a hilariously endearing story.
Journey PC 66% A step above a walking simulator, Journey is a beautiful adventure with a good soundtrack, but lacks real challenge or story depth.
LEGO Builder's Journey PC 76% Graphically intense for a LEGO game, Builder's Journey has a lot of fun and creative puzzles, but lacks real character development and is very short considering its price.
Lithium City PC 66% A beautifully designed, independently produced, action game that is fun and challenging, but also suffers from bad controls and frustratingly high difficulty.
NieR:Automata PC 52% A beautiful and creative mix of flight and ground combat, riddled by poorly designed game elements, forgettable characters and lackluster story.
A Plague Tale: Innocence PC 81% A dark tale in a rich setting where children must grow quickly to deal with horrific threats, with well-balanced puzzle/adventure gameplay and deeply captivating story.
A Plague Tale: Requiem PC 78% A beautifully constructed mix of actions, stealth and puzzles with a rich yet dark and eerie story.
Ratchet and Clank: Rifts Apart Switch 78% Although visually stunning with strong game mechanics, the mediocre story keeps this game in the realm of an enjoyable kids title or tech demo.
Runner 3 PC 67% The return of fun an quirky characters, ruined by frustrating level design, places Runner 3 as cute, but the least worthwhile of the Runner series.
Sackboy: A Big Adventure PS5 78% A cute adventure, with some frustrating levels and controls, that keeps the player moving along with some incredible music and themes.
Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5 69% A reskin of its predecessor with some minor cultural baggage, a game that's still entertaining and fun.
The Stillness of the Wind PC 74% A relaxing game that uses the pace of life on a farm to wrap several stories together in an emotional adventure.
Stray PC 82% A short but unique and creative adventure, immersing one in all the little details of being a cat, with excellent adventure and puzzles.
SuperHot PC 77% Creative game play that turns the classic first person shooter into an indy puzzler.
Terra Nil PC 75% Delightful and relaxing terraforming puzzler, although a bit short