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Louqe Ghost S1 Build and Review

19 December, 2018
Ghost S1 Case
I had been working off of my laptop for several months, but some performance issues and thermal throttling led me to revert back to building a desktop. I had sold my previous build before traveling across the US, so for this particular build I wanted something in an ultra small, easily transportable form factor. I decided to jump in on a ...
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Houses and the Treeline

Using Custom CSS with Mastodon

14 November, 2018
Multi-color Mastodon Elephants
Mastodon has an option for applying custom CSS from within its administration panel. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any examples of what this CSS should look like, even after asking in the Mastodon Fourms. I did discover how tricky modifying Mastodon CSS can be. I couldn’t figure out why changes to the body element wouldn’t affect anything, and ...
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A Wall, a Bay and an Island

Outrage and Distractions: The Case of Kavanaugh and Ford

19 October, 2018
Supreme Court by Claire Anderson (CC0)
There are a lot of people with opinions about Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh, yet the majority of those people didn’t actually watch the congressional hearings where both of them testified. They watched highlights and excerpts from their favorite news networks, which filtered that information to match the narrative their audience wanted ...
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Sunset on the Ocean

The Decline of OpenID

11 October, 2018
OpenID Logo
In July of 2018, StackExchange ended support for allowing people to login via OpenID. One tenth of one percent of their users were logging in using OpenID, and I was one of those last remaining people. In an era where every website allows people to create accounts and login using other websites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Github, et. al.), ...
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Croatian Sunset

I paid $180 for Headphones that only lasted Two Years

9 October, 2018
Jaybird F5 Freedom Earbuds
On July 12th, 2016, I purchased a pair of Jaybird Freedom F5 earbuds for $180 from an eBay vendor. I really liked these headphones. They had clear audio, good sound reproduction and I used them to listen to music and podcasts on my morning and evening train commutes. They refused to power on recently, and I discovered that this was a common ...
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Cage with a View

This is Just a Simulation

28 September, 2018
Screenshot from The Sims
Are we in a simulation? What some may perceive as a trope used in science fiction is a serious topic for some researchers. Bostrom’s 2003 paper on simulation theory postulates that if humanity continues on our currently trend of increasing technological development, we will reach a state where we could eventually be able to, at least partially, ...
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Island outside Dubrovnik

Does Love Really Conquer All, or is Love a Finite Resource?

17 September, 2018
Photo by Tyler Nix
Love conquers all. It’s a cliché and trope that’s been used in stories for as long as humans have been telling stories, but is it true? If love could truly move us past any boundary, then why can’t it overcome spousal abuse, infidelity, suicide or poverty. Are these things a result of a lack of love, by either individuals, families or society, or ...
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The Bay and the City of Dubrovnik

Exclusive Inclusivity

14 September, 2018
Photo by Kane Reinholdtsen
A friend of mine recently invited me to an Asian & Pacific Islanders Open Mic, hosted by Luya Poetry in Chicago. The event billed itself as “…a welcoming space for poets of color, with an emphasis on Asian, South Asian, Middle Eastern, and Pacific Islanders to express themselves, [and] share their stories…“. The open mic was part of a larger ...
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Where Dubrovnik Meets the Ocean

My Love Hate Relationship with Docker and Container Orchestration Systems

4 September, 2018
Fenced Consumerism - Journey of Khan
Docker was first getting big while I was working for an open source shop in New Zealand. At work we’d joke about containers, mostly because of our misconceptions. “Aren’t they based on LXC containers, which are full of security holes?” a co-worker and I would ask. When CoreOS was released, initially we laughed but also realized people were taking ...
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Walls of Dubrovnik

Bee2 In Production: IPv6, HAProxy and Docker

2 September, 2018
Over the past few months, I’ve been working on Bee2. It’s a provisioning system for automating the process of building, running and maintaining my own websites and web applications. In previous tutorials, I had gone over provisioning servers using APIs, configuring those servers for remote Docker administration via a VPN, and automating ...
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Rays Through the Clouds to the Ocean Floor

OpenBSD, SpamPD and the Startup Bug

14 August, 2018
OpenBSD Logo
Recently I added e-mail support to Bee2, a tool I use to provision servers and services for personal projects. My existing e-mail server ran on an openSUSE 13.2 box which stopped receiving security updates in January of 2017. I’ve been building Ansible roles to provision a replacement running on OpenBSD, and I found an interesting bug with a proxy ...
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Lighting Up the night in Dubrovnik

Upgrading the SSD on an MSI GS60 Laptop

19 May, 2018

An Indian, an Asian and a Ginger walk into a Bar