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OpenBSD, SpamPD and the Startup Bug

14 August, 2018
OpenBSD Logo
Recently I added e-mail support to Bee2, a tool I use to provision servers and services for personal projects. My existing e-mail server ran on an openSUSE 13.2 box which stopped receiving security updates in January of 2017. I’ve been building Ansible roles to provision a replacement running on OpenBSD, and I found an interesting bug with a proxy ...
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Houses and the Treeline

Upgrading the SSD on an MSI GS60 Laptop

19 May, 2018

A Wall, a Bay and an Island

Facebook, Politics and Orwell's 24/7 Hate

22 April, 2018
Photo by Thought Catalog
During the 2008 financial crisis, Rod Blagojevich, the governor of Illinois, took on Bank of America by suspending all state accounts with the bank and publicly criticizing them for their role in the subprime mortgage crisis. In 2009, he was convicted for corruption charges, including his attempt to exchange Obama’s former senate seat for ...
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Sunset on the Ocean

Tech Culture Shock: From America to the South Pacific, and Seattle to Chicago

16 April, 2018
Photo by Kate Trysh
I’ve spent the past two decades in tech, mostly as a developer or system administrator. In that time, I’ve worked in a variety of different markets, in six different cities, across three different countries. There are, of course, a number of similarities between companies, no matter where you go. But I also found a lot of oddities that were ...
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Croatian Sunset

Why I Don't Sign Non-Competes

20 March, 2018
Pen and I Agree Check Box
My first job out of University was in the IT department of a payment processing and debt collection company. My desk was juxtapose to a call center where, all day, I listened to people on welfare collect bad checks and credit card debt from other people on welfare. When several of our sales people left to start their own business, taking many of ...
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Cage with a View

Linux on a MacBook Pro 14,3

2 March, 2018
MacBook Pro 14,3 Running Gentoo Linux
Since 2012, at the last three jobs I’ve held as a software engineer, I’ve always used Linux natively on my work desktop or laptop. At some companies this was a choice, and at one it was mandatory. Most development shops give engineers the option of either a Windows PC or a Mac upon hiring them. However, my most recent shop did not. I considered ...
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Island outside Dubrovnik

Bee2: Automating HAProxy and LetsEncrypt with Docker

30 November, 2017
Bee and Docker Logo
In a previous post, I introduced Bee2, a Ruby application designed to provision servers and setup DNS records. Later I expanded it using Ansible roles to setup OpenVPN, Docker and firewalls. In the latest iteration, I’ve added a rich Docker library designed to provision applications, run jobs and backup/restore data volumes. I’ve also included ...
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The Bay and the City of Dubrovnik


28 November, 2017
I went to University in a small town whose population reduced by a third when school was out of session. Past the edge of town was a state park filled with amazing waterfalls, but if you turned off a few roads early, you’d come to a dead end. Beside the road was a trail that led back between houses and down to a secluded creek, a series of cliffs ...
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Where Dubrovnik Meets the Ocean

Password Algorithms

24 October, 2017
Sometime in 2008, MySpace had a data breach of nearly 260 million accounts. It exposed passwords that were weakly hashed and forced lowercase, making them relatively easy to crack. In 2012, Yahoo Voice had a data breach of nearly half a million usernames and unencrypted passwords. Now you may think to yourself, “I don’t care. I never use my old ...
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Walls of Dubrovnik

Bee2: Creating a Small Infrastructure for Docker Apps

23 October, 2017
Bees in a Beehive
In a previous post, I showed how I wrote a provisioning system for servers on Vultr. In this post, I’m going to expand upon that framework, adding support for Firewalls, Docker, a VPN system and everything needed to create a small and secure infrastructure for personal projects. Two servers will be provisioned, one as a web server running a docker ...
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Rays Through the Clouds to the Ocean Floor

A Tale of Two Journeys

16 September, 2017
Seattle to Cincinnati (map)
In 2015, due to a series of events, I began a journey across the globe where I lived out of two bags for eleven months. In May of 2017, I left my full time job and started another journey, this time driving across the US. It’s been several months since I started this new minimalist adventure, and it’s not been entirely what I expected. I’ve seen a ...
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Lighting Up the night in Dubrovnik

The New Era of Corporate Censorship

15 September, 2017
Photo: Censorship - Dimitris Vetsikas CC0
The Daily Stormer, a website with highly controversial hate speech, was recently scrubbed from the Internet. This wasn’t due to government censorship or illegal content, but due to the fact that no private hosting provider would allow their content. DigitalOcean and DreamHost refused to host their content in 2014. In August of 2017, CloudFlare ...
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An Indian, an Asian and a Ginger walk into a Bar