BMCB – Breaking the Multi-Colored Box

Breaking the Multi-Colored Box is a framework written in Java which is designed to test various techniques of generating known CAPTCHA and then attempting to break them using image filtering, segmentation and character recognition. Although it is fully functional, it is currently in an alpha release.


GraphMapper is a Java application used to plot graphs, perform simple searches on the graph and find the shortest path.


Isszy is a simple image sorting program written in Java. It’s great for sorting a set of JPEGs, PNGs or GIFs into respective folders.


MplayerBuddy is a media bookmarking application designed to keep track of the user’s place when watching videos.

Rear View Mirror

Rear View Mirror is a C# Application that connects to a web camera device and displays a window whenever motion is detected. It is intended to be a “Rear View Mirror” in my cubical so people can’t sneak up on me.