Gaming Stellar Blade
Politics Goodbye Viva Frei, Robert Barnes and Steven Crowder
Technology Archiving Locals Content
Technology Every Tablet I've Ever Owned
Technology dav-xmpp-sync v1.2.0 Release
Technology W-Ergo Split Keyboard
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Miscellaneous Building Compost Bins
Politics The Tragedy of Steven Crowder
Gaming Game Reviews: Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, Eternights, Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus, and Unicorn Overlord
Gaming Game Reviews: Planet of Lana, Doki Doki Literature Club, Strikey Sisters and Persona 5 Royal
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Philosophy Deconstructing Faith and Removing Retaining Walls
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Gaming Game Reviews: Terra Nil, Final Fantasy XVI
Philosophy How to Ignore Notifications or Why I Don't Write As Much as I Use To
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Politics The Ballad of Steven Crowder
Technology The Mug Club Archivist
Gaming Game Reviews: Fire Emblem Engage, Hi-Fi Rush, Ratchet and Clank: Rifts Apart, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim
Gaming Game Reviews: Ghost of Tsushima, Airborne Kingdom, NieR:Automata and A Plague Tale: Requiem
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Gaming Game Reviews: Sackboy A Big Adventure and God of War Ragnarök
Technology I try Sway/Wayland About Once a Year
Gaming Game Reviews: Fire Emblem Three Houses, Journey, Far Changing Tides and Stray
Politics Wikipedia is a Source of Political Propaganda
Politics Goodbye to PayPal
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Politics There is no Safe Stance on Abortion
Technology The Coming Dot Com Bust and the Future of Remote Work
Gaming Game Reviews: Carto and Far Cry 6
Politics Diversity Is a Litmus Test
Technology dav-xmpp-sync v1.0.0 Release
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Politics God Bless Canada, and the Truckers of the World
Philosophy The Georgia Guidestones
Philosophy We Were Never In This Together, But You Are Not Alone
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Politics LinkedIn Silently Deleted Several of My Posts
Gaming Game Reviews: A Plague Tale: Innocence, Cloudpunk
Politics Burning Witches
Gaming Game Reviews: Frost Punk, LEGO Builder's Journey, Runner 3
Technology ZFS Woes, or how ZFS Saved Me From Data Corruption
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Technology Lineage with microG on a Sony XA2
Gaming Far Cry New Dawn
Technology Setting up IPv6 on a Linux Router
Politics Legacy Media
Technology Installing Void Linux with a Serial Terminal
Technology Gaming System Upgrades
Technology Docker with IPv6 and Network Isolation
Politics Vaccines and the 737-MAX 8
Gaming The Stillness of the Wind
Politics The End of Medical Privacy
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Gaming Far Cry 4
Politics Untested
Gaming SuperHot
Politics A Year without a Mask
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Technology Parler is a Dumb Platform
Philosophy You'll Find Me, I Promise
Politics Biden is the Weakest President to Ever Take Office
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Miscellaneous Culture War Radio: The Battle Penguin
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Technology Building a Small Form Factor Storage Server (NAS)
Politics Why I No Longer Hate America
Miscellaneous Mexico's Independence Day - Chicago, IL
Politics Why I No Longer Hate the Police
Poetry Do Not Enter
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Technology Moving from YouTube to PeerTube
Politics Back the Blue - Homan Square, Chicago
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Politics Secondary Effects
Technology A History of my Mechanical Keyboards
Politics War is Hell
Politics This Is Not a Time of Honor
Technology Fighting with the Data
Politics All Corona All the Time
Philosophy COVID-19 is Two Diseases
Technology RSS: The Original Federated Social Network Protocol
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Technology Every Cellphone I've Ever Owned
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Technology Voat: What Went Wrong?
Philosophy Preferred Gender Pronouns
Poetry Everything about the one is wrong
Poetry Pick from a list
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Poetry Give me a page of your life
Poetry It's not just another love song
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Poetry True friends
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Technology I paid $180 for Headphones that only lasted Two Years
Philosophy This is Just a Simulation
Philosophy Does Love Really Conquer All, or is Love a Finite Resource?
Philosophy Exclusive Inclusivity
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Technology Linux on a MacBook Pro 14,3
Poetry Everyone is doing that thing
Technology Bee2: Automating HAProxy and LetsEncrypt with Docker
Philosophy Exploration
Technology Password Algorithms
Technology Bee2: Creating a Small Infrastructure for Docker Apps
Philosophy A Tale of Two Journeys
Politics The New Era of Corporate Censorship
Philosophy Drunk Dancing
Technology Bee2: Wrestling with the Vultr API
Technology Cloud at Cost Part II: The Unsustainable Business Model
Poetry Say goodbye before you leave
Poetry A Father Tells His Son
Philosophy Race to the Bottom
Philosophy Return to Minimalism
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Poetry Pop Songs in the Shower
Poetry A Day Like Any Other
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Technology Taking a Sabbatical
Technology The American Banking System is Still in the 1990s
Politics America and the Mexican Drug Trade
Politics Returning to America and the (Un)Affordable Care Act
Poetry We were waiting for summer
Philosophy At Rest
Politics All Trump, All The Time
Politics H.R. 170 Will Allow Large Companies to Consolidate Talent in the Tech Industry
Politics The Fallout of American Anger
Technology Self Driving Cars Will Not Solve the Transportation Problem
Technology Developer Workstation PC Build
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Politics Does Voting Make a Difference?
Technology Building a Thin-ITX Router
Technology Review: ClearFog Pro
Technology Banana Pi BPI-R1 Fails Into an Insecure State
Technology 4k/UHD KVM Switches: The StarTech SV231MDPU2 and the IOGear GCS62DP
Technology Using the Banana Pi BPI-R1 as a Router With Bananian
Technology Aspell and Hunspell: A Tale of Two Spell Checkers
Technology Windows 10 Update KB3176493: All My Drivers Disappeared
Technology The Philosophy of Open Source in Community and Enterprise Software
Technology ScalaTest: BeforeAndAfterAll Does Not Work
Poetry If you ever feel like a weed
Poetry The people I've met
Technology Android Fragmentation: Why the Firmware Model Doesn't Work for General Purpose Operating Systems
Technology There's an iOS device attached to my Google account and I don't own any Apple products
Technology Running a LG 31MU97 on Linux at 4096x2160 at 60Hz
Politics The Battle of Tor
Philosophy Minimalism
Politics Sanders and Hillary: The Continuation of the American Dynasty
Politics Propaganda and Cinema
Technology Jekyll 3 and Foundation 6
Technology How Google and Microsoft made E-mail Unreliable
Politics The Paris Bombing: a Familiar Narrative?
Philosophy Loyalty
Technology Removing Footnotes from Excerpts in Jekyll
Politics Kogalymavia Flight 9268: Propaganda in the Making
Technology Exporting Wordpress Comments to Jekyll
Politics Paint the Sky with Clouds
Technology PulseAudio Volume Keyboard and Mouse Bindings
Technology Jekyll Unsanitize
Philosophy Context
Technology Embed Tomcat In Your Application
Politics Refugee Propaganda and the War in Syria
Technology MSI-WS60 running Linux
Poetry Wellington is the kind of place
Philosophy Fate and Destiny
Poetry Love is all around you
Poetry Her (Matariki Slam)
Technology Freezing a Hard Drive
Poetry Stories
Poetry Cincinnati is like eggs
Poetry I use to love superman
Poetry Young Musicians
Poetry Time, Money, Love
Poetry I Will Love You
Poetry Serenity
Poetry Awkward
Poetry I fell in like with you
Technology Review: Cloud at Cost
Technology Discoverying Friend List Changes on Facebook with Python
Poetry Dear girl
Politics Syria
Politics I, Spy
Technology Removing the Tracking Image from Alfresco
Technology LtSense – Using Embedded Python for Sensor Networks, Wellington Python User Group
Technology dyject – Python Dependency Injection
Philosophy Blues
Technology Big Sense: REST Web Services in Scala for Sensor Networks, Wellington Java User Group
Technology Rear View Mirror v1.0 Released
Technology Invalid partition table in VMWare ESX
Technology Copy Reddit Subscriptions from One Account to Another
Philosophy Connection
Philosophy Evangelism
Philosophy The Basics
Philosophy Trapped in the Cubical
Philosophy Created Equal
Technology Reassigning DNS Entries in Windows/Active Directory using Powershell
Philosophy How Social Media Destroyed my Generation
Politics Selective Hearing and the Petrodollar
Technology Signature Verification Between Java and Python
Technology RearViewMirror Released
Philosophy Legality
Technology Making the Thunderbird mail icon more useful on MacOS
Philosophy It was a bit of a letdown
Philosophy Shopping
Technology RearViewMirror Released
Technology Storing Shibboleth IDP Logs in a Database with IP Addresses
Technology Installing subversion on SuSE Enterprise Server 10
Technology Handling Grace Logins from Novell e-Directory in Shibboleth
Technology Modifying uApprove for Microsoft SQL
Philosophy The Non-theists Wager
Philosophy Police
Philosophy Military
Philosophy Defined by Religion
Philosophy Change and Growth
Philosophy Doubt
Philosophy Pale Blue Dot
Philosophy On Love, In Sadness
Philosophy Happiness
Philosophy Afterlife
Philosophy Time
Philosophy Psychosis
Philosophy Heaven
Technology My Account’s Been Hacked (No It Hasn’t)
Technology Running Beans Locally that use Application Server Data Sources
Technology Building Java EAR files using Ant
Technology Java’s Checked Exceptions
Technology Disappointed with Zend’s PHP5 Certification
Technology TweeFlood
Politics A Public Option With Prayer and Without Abortion
Technology Installing Awstats on a Media Temple grid-server (gs)
Technology Winter at Lula Lake
Technology Season Song – Kaiser Cartel
Technology Okay – Kaiser Cartel (ft. Winterpills)
Technology nVidia’s Hardware H.264 (1080p) codec for Linux
Technology 1080 Video in Linux with CoreAVC
Politics The Rescue of Eric Holder
Politics TVA Coal
Technology Upgrading the MacBook
Technology Guide for New WordPressMu Administrators
Technology Joe Lance for Chattanooga
Politics Vigil for Troy Anthony Davis
Politics Congressman Wamp and the Bailout
Technology Rear View Mirror Released
Politics GM and Ford will be the new RCA and Zenith
Technology Tennessee River Gorge Explorer
Politics Federal Reserve Bank Protest in Atlanta
Technology Rear View Mirror 0.8.6 Released
Technology BlueHost is a Failure at Customer Service
Politics Sequatchie Valley Institute and Mountain Top Removal
Politics Honor Thy Soldier
Politics Obamanation
Politics Vote for Nobody
Politics Who Ownes US Debt?
Politics The Cost of the Bailout
Politics Coming Home
Politics McCain’s Honor
Politics Hoping for the Apocalypse
Politics Martin Luther King and the War
Politics Perceived Economic Crisis
Politics Troy Davis: A Stay of Execution
Politics Wiped off the Map
Politics Casey Anthony in Context
Politics Protests at the Conventions
Technology Breaking the Multi-Colored Box
Politics The Fantasy of Al-Qaeda
Politics Agree or Rise
Politics Russia Attacks Georgia
Technology Converting oggs to mp3s
Technology Simple Fours Problem
Technology Scripts
Technology Billary Explains It All
Technology Web Portfolio
Technology Rear View Mirror 0.8.5 Released
Technology Rear View Mirror 0.8.1 Released
Technology Rear View Mirror Initial Release
Technology Diagnostics and the Infinite Loop
Politics The Search for Real News
Politics Standing for Torture
Technology Laura E Walker
Technology Chattanooga Dance Inc Redesign
Politics Universal Health Care
Technology MplayerBuddy 0.51 Release
Technology MplayerBuddy 0.5 Beta Release
Technology Projects Back On-line
Technology Uninstalling U3 from Flash Drives
Technology Assignment Updates
Technology RAID 5 Rebuild
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