Prison cells

I grew up during an era where the Bush administration was openly defending its use of torture. Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib became synonymous with the total deprivation of justice and law under the banner of the United States. It was the violation of everything America stood for. There was never a reckoning for this era. Bush and Rumsfeld were never tried for their war crimes, and Cheney, an evil and vile Vice President, now has a daughter who is openly persecuting American political prisoners in her role as the Vice Chair of the January 6th committee. Everything has come full circle, and the gross carriages of misjustice that took place overseas have now come back to our shores. We are in a new era of torture, this time domestically, against citizens who stand against lawmakers desperate to hang onto their power and authority.

Januarry 6th


Brandon Straka faced a prosecutorial nightmare, when federal police arrested him and accused him of being in a video yelling at people to “take the shield,” even though it was impossible to determine who was yelling1. People have criticized him for pleading out his case. However, Pam Hemphill, a 69-year-old grandmother and cancer patient, was sentenced for two months in jail, three years probation and a $500 fine2, showing the merciless nature of the D.C. courts. Meanwhile, Ray Epps, the man Hemphill claimed pushed her over the barrier and into the capitol, still faces no consequences3. There is video evidence of Epps telling people to storm the capitol and instigate violence, leading many independent journalists to question if he was working as a Federal informant4.


Enrique Tarrio, a Cuban man who lead the Proud Boys, was arrested in spring of 2022 for connections to January 6th5. He was not in D.C. on January 6th, and claimed if he had been there, he wouldn’t have let a single Proud Boy in the Capitol, because he knew it was a setup. He spent three months in jail, during which, his only media was an educational tablet describing how “Tump man bad .. he’s killed democracy,” information about the vaccines, and information about the elections. Tarrio said it was very hard not to get programmed. He was in isolation for three months before the U.S. Marshals finally came in to survey the jail and find the conditions unlivable6. He was allowed out for 10 days for court, before returning to jail and facing over 23 hours of isolation per day. In his five months in the D.C. jail, he witnessed people who didn’t get medical treatment for over twenty minutes after being unresponsive, people who overdosed, water being turned off for three days, and cells flooding with raw sewage7.


Siaka Massaquoi, an actor who was present in D.C. on January 6th, was raided and searched by the FBI, on June 10th. Massaquoi kept asking to see the warrant and see his lawyer. They presented him with a single sheet of paper that didn’t show any specifics, and which he still questions the legitimacy of. Headlines stated that a conservative actor was served a warrant by the FBI. Massaquoi was told by friends in the entertainment industry that they believed the purpose of the search was to sully his name, and make it more difficult for him to be hired. Major newspapers lied about his net-worth, and only acknowledged his role as a conservative who spoke at Trump rallies, rarely mentioning his acting career. Massaquoi did nothing wrong on January 6th. All he did was walk around and record what he saw8.

The Reality of Jan 6th

January 6th is a narrative, fed to the masses, about the most useless and failed insurrection in U.S. history. It was clearly a protest, not an insurrection. Most of the protesters had no idea any violence had occurred. Many of the people who were let into the capitol by police9 initially stayed within the velvet ropes10, and took selfies with the guards. It paled in comparison to the violence that occurred during the Trump inauguration, where people lit vehicles on fire and committed mass acts of vandalism all across D.C.11, nor did it match the raging fires from the George Floyd protests the previous May1213. Those who were arrested and persecuted, simply for being in the vicinity, have been tortured in D.C. jails, and have been denied many of their fair due process rights under the law.

Alex Jones

Even if you hate Alex Jones for what you think he stands for, the legal process that lead to this lawsuit should scare the fuck out of everyone. The ACLU should be defending Alex Jones, but instead they’ve too busy half-handily threading the line on behalf of big tech oligarchs14. The trial of Alex Jones was, not figuratively, but literally, a show trial. Cameras were setup in such a way that every aspect of the trial was being filmed for a movie15. Dan Reed, the director of the Michael Jackson hit piece Leaving Neverland, was seen in the court room16.

The judge in the case granted summary judgment, claiming that Jones didn’t turn over enough evidence during discovery, thereby denying his right to a trial by jury. She gutted nearly all Texas law relating to the case. Apologizes and redactions are a defense against defamation, and the judge did not allow Jones’s apologies in. She has ignored anti-SLAPP law and gutted the constitutional requirement of colloquium15.

The judge allowed jury questions, and a jury member asked if this could be used to go after people who deny elections. The media has suggested this type of trial could be used against people who are against vaccines, or lie about foreign governments. Jones was denied the ability present any evidence during the punitive segment of the case, and the plaintiff’s lawyer told the jury specifically to “take him out17.” If Alex Jones had said the same thing, he would have been put in a prison18.

According to the New York Times vs Sullivan case of 1964, there is a constitutional requirement of colloquialism, meaning you can only sue for liable or defamation if you make a specifically false fact (not an opinion) about a specific person, either by name or photo, with actual malice19. Alex Jones never mentioned the names or personal information of the parents on his programs18. To contrast, Nicholas Sandmann’s lawsuit was dismissed, by standards that would have never allowed the Jones case to come to trial20.

“One of the things they did during the discovery stage of the case, is they said ‘give us the proof of your guilt,’ and [Alex Jones is] like ‘I’m not guilty. I’m innocent. I didn’t do this. There is no evidence of my guilt … I don’t have secret analytics and bar marketing plans’ … and the court said ‘You are insisting your innocent. We hereby declare you by default to be guilty because you didn’t turn over the evidence of your guilt, even though you don’t actually have that evidence of guilt.’ … it’s like what the judge said in the little Orwellian … 2+2=5, we’re going to keep trying until you get this right. Come on, let’s try Winston. One more time … People even quoted that aspects of [the judge’s] statements in the proceedings, parallel almost word for word, words that the Nazis said in the 1930s about ‘misinformation’ … but as some people pointed out, even a Soviet show trial tried to actually be a show, of quality that made you believe maybe there was justice there. There was none of that with this judge … people were even cheering her on social media, that hate Alex Jones, saying ‘Look at how she’s going after Alex Jones’ … That’s not the role of a judge in America” -Robert Barnes18

Under the rules imposed on the Alex Jones trial, every single documentarian who questions an official narrative, from 9/11 to Las Vegas to COVID-19 to John F. Kennedy, would be subject to liability21. This is a precedent that defies established U.S. law, due process and the basic freedom to speak. There is very little accurate information from any major news source about the details of the Jones trial. Furthermore, even independent media I used to respect, such as Megyn Kelly, made blatantly incorrect statements, and outright lies, that shows either a complete lack of research, or a hatred of Jones that runs so deep it trumps her professionalism as a lawyer22.

They came for Alex Jones and you did nothing because you didn’t believe the man who yelled about the gay frogs. If you stand against Jones, there will be no one to stand for you.

The End of the American Republic

On August 8th, the FBI raided the house of Former President Trump in Florida23. It is a move that is truly unprecedented in the history of America. Using federal police to go after an opposition party’s former leader is “third world bullshit” according to Dan Bongino24, and indicative of a “Bananna Republic” according to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis25.

We are watching a government literally attack opposition to intimidate and silence them, while the media convinces the American people this is somehow justice. Meanwhile, that same government has denied due process rights to journalists it discredits, and tortures normal blue collar workers who question the validity of free fair and fortified elections.

The January 6th committee and the Alex Jones case are Soviet style show trials. Every aspect of congressional rules and constitutional rights have been side-stepped to enforce punitive damaged against political opponents. We are watching a government that claims to be on the side of liberty, against fascism, go after all their political adversaries. The terrible crimes against humanity that started under the Bush administration have come home to roost26. People are already self-censoring and afraid to speak at work, at home and in their communities. If this trend continues, America will no longer be a land of freedom and democracy. We are walking down a path of blind patriotism to a State desolate of any moral high ground.

We are living in an America where Former Vice President Biden and his son Hunter are free, even with direct evidence of Hunter’s crack use and Biden’s ties to foreign corruption. Yet, a former president’s house is raided for purely political purposes. We are living in a world where most of the legacy media continually gives us misleading and blatantly wrong fact checks, and yet they face no consequences. Compare that to Alex Jones, a man who has been adamantly anti-war and amazingly correct when looking back through the lens of history. We see men like Michael Sussman, the former Clinton attorney who lied materially to the FBI, found innocent, while good men like General Flynn are dragged through the mud. We are seeing an impossible standard on the right, and absolutely zero standards on the left. We are seeing an administrative state of government that clearly sees themselves as above the law and judgment.

During the Bush years, Americans were told we were fighting terrorism overseas, so we wouldn’t have to fight terrorists at home. The reality is that America committed war crimes overseas, and has now brought those same injustices to its domestic shores.

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