Photo by Bill Oxford
Photo by Bill Oxford

All nations are corrupt. All leaders are corrupt. In Orwell’s famous novel Animal Farm, a revolution that started with the best of intentions, and that supported the rights of every animal, eventually led to one class of animals finding ways to convince all the others to let them lead. The goal of the people of any republic should be to try to minimize that corruption, and implement a process that make their leaders beholden to as large a portion of the population as possible. In American, in 2020, that processes is in crisis.

The Election

During the years of George W. Bush, former President Jimmy Carter once said, “America does not at the moment have a functioning democracy1.”

The amount of voter irregularities during the 2020 general election have been off the scale. In Detroit, after counting had stopped and observers were told to go home, a Texas lawyer videoed wagons of ballots a wagon with a box being brought after 4am, as counting continued that night2 (Update 2020.11.16 WXYZ Detriot claims the video in question was a photographer bringing in camera equipment3). Another witness reported the same vehicles arriving and claims that over 130,000 hand delivered ballots were all for Biden4. Postal workers, both on5 and off6 the record, have claimed supervisors instructed them to continue collecting ballots on the 4th, so they could manually be postmarked for the previous day. (Update 2020.11.16 News source claims Hopkins recanted his testimony7, but Hopkins later released a video claiming he did not8). Another witness in Pennsylvania videoed a woman stamping and filling out blank ballots9.

In Antrim county, issues with the voting machine software miscounted over 6,000 Trump ballots as votes for Biden. These exact same machines and software are used by 47 other counties1011 in Michigan, and similar machines are used in all the major swing states. In Georgia, one vendor sent updates to their voting machines the night before the election, shutting down some machines for hours12. Security issues around these voting machines were known for well over a year13.

Trump’s own poll workers were denied access to monitoring stations in Nevada while counting was still occurring14, and they had to sue and receive a court order to observer counting stations in Pennsylvania15. In Detroit, workers at a counting center cheered every time a GOP legal observer was removed16. On Friday, Justice Alito issued an order than any ballots received after 8pm on election day be set aside in Pennsylvania17. There is a possibility Pennsylvania courts may have violated the Constitution of the United States, leading all the mail-in votes to be thrown out should the case arrive at the Supreme Court18.

“…I was surprised at the scale of it … They were sitting on ballots in all the swing states in all the big democratic cities. They were sitting on ballots in Atlanta. Sitting on ballots in Charlotte. Sitting on ballots in Philly … Detroit … Milwaukee. While, they were not sitting on ballots in Cleveland, or Cincinnati, or St. Louis, or Kansas City, or Minneapolis, or Iowa City … somehow it’s only in the contested places that we have these massive ballot hauls suddenly show up? … So, it looks terrible.”-Robert Barnes19

There are always cases of voter fraud. It’s one thing for a few individuals to destroy or fake ten or a hundred or even a thousand ballots. This falls well within a potential margin of error in many states. But what happened during the general election show outright signs of election fraud, that is large scale, organized, and systemic. This type of fraud is difficult to prove, but everything we’ve seen so far, every report that has come in, looks absolutely terrible.

For our republic to function, the American people need to have some level of confidence in our election system. What America just witnessed was an absolute lack of transparency in very critical swing states. The acts are incredibly blatant, yet many Americans are willing to turn away and dismiss the voting rights of over 60 million Americans, because they believe four more years of Donald J. Trump would be so horrific, that the will of the people does not matter over that of their personal ideology or the integrity of our republic.

The Registry of Sins

Former Vice-President Joe Biden has spoken about how we all need to come together as Americans after this election is over. Despite that, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defended messaging that attacked people who don’t hold left-leaning viewpoints20. She also supports The Trump Accountability Project, a creepy web register of every person who supported the trump administration, equivocating support with racism and antisemitism21

There are a considerable number of myths about Trump, mostly from statements taken entirely out of context. However, the media has put in so much effort to those carefully selected video segments and narratives, that even when people see well-known statements in context, they refuse to accept them or dismiss them outright22. Trump may be boisterous, unruly, annoying and unprofessional, but he has repeatedly denounced racism232425. A truly fascistic president would also not have asked Governors to request his assistance during the civil unrest earlier this year. He could have simply used the Insurrection Act to send in the National Guard without asking. Yet the news media criticized even Trump’s limited efforts to dispatch Federal officers to protect a Federal Courthouse in Portland, Oregon26, a city that is still plagued by riots to this day.

Creating a list of everyone who contributed to Donald Trump, and labeling every one of them as evil and racist, is absolutely insane. It makes about as much sense as the policy of de baathification (removing everyone associated with Saddam Hussain’s political party) during the 2003 Iraq War, which led a power vacuum in the political structure, mass civil unrest, the rise of warlords and the deaths of thousands of Iraqis27.

We are moving dangerously further into the realm of guilt by association. In both 2016 and 2020, over 60 million people voted for Donald Trump, and a sizable percentage of that population contributed money, time and resources to his campaign. It is absolutely insane to think that every one of those people is complicit with racism or a white supremacy. It is frightening to think there is an extremist segment of the American population, that cannot understand why someone would exercise their political rights and freedoms to select one of the two political candidates presented to them in the general election.

There Is No End Game

Trump is not a pillar of light or a savior. While he talked about “draining the swamp,” he selected Steven Mnuchin, who spent seventeen years at Goldman Sachs, as his Treasury Sectary. Mnuchin and other appointments essentially replaced the swamp, with other swamp dwellers28. He was beholden to many of the same corporate interests of his predecessors, yet despite all his status quo, he did attempt to reduce America’s war footprint.

A Biden presidency will certainly mean more war. Neither candidate has an actionable plan to fix health care. Neither candidate will be able to deal with the secondary effects of COVID-19. There is one major issue that matters to the rest of the world outside America, and that is war.

“…There’s this question of how conservatives are going to handle this … if Joe Biden wins, I am not going to cut out a single family member or friend or loved one who voted for him. I think they made a horrible choice … I think tens of thousands of more people in the Middle East are going to die. This will be a price paid in human blood. And I take that very seriously. But what I take more seriously than that, is my own development of my person, and my soul and my virtue. And those are things you have control over. You don’t have control over who’s the president after you cast your vote…“ -Seamus Coughlin29

I don’t know if it will happen in March, or April or May, but have no doubt that with a Biden presidency, in 2021, America will begin bombing again. Biden may try to finish Obama’s work in Syria, or he may begin bombing North Korea, or Iran, but there will be war. Tens if not hundreds of thousands of civilians will die by the hands of either Biden or Harris.

I used to think there was no real difference between political candidates. And for most of my life, there was not. It did not matter if it was a Bush or a Clinton in the White House or behind the scenes, they shared similar policies in most major respects. Although Trump is a rich member of the elite class, he was not supposed to win.

The ruling class most likely allowed him to run as a joke, and then turned on him with narratives of Russian interference, racism, fascism and every sin imaginable30 in order to ensure he would be removed. In doing so, they ensured the media created a state of fear, distrust and destabilization among the American people. And when they knew they still may not be able to get him out this term, instead of just waiting four years, they may have turned to outright election fraud at a scale larger than that of the 2000 election, which led to the famous decision of Bush v. Gore.

something something something civil war” -Every Tim Pool video

Everything about this election stinks, and despite the continued censorship from big tech, the fact that Trump stood a reasonable chance of winning spoke volumes to the American freedom of speech and press, and citizens turning away from mainstream media, to more independent outlets. Now we stand at a crossroads where many people in our nation, the same who believed the questionable narratives of Russians influence and anonymous sources, plug their ears and close their eyes at obvious abnormalities in our election process. They have embraced the tactics of deceit and subverting the will of the people, in an ironically naive attempt to prevent fascism.

From the Hunter Biden censorship to the leaked DNC e-mails, this entire episode in American History should show beyond any reasonable doubt, that corruption runs deep within our government. America was always a nation of oligarchs and the ruling class wants to restore their order at the expense of the American people. As Biden stands to return to the throne of our monarchy disguised as a republic, the American people stand to lose not only trust in our government, but in each other.

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