Over the years I’ve written several scripts for Linux and UNIX systems, in a variety of languages, to help with some very basic tasks. Feel free to use any of them (at your own risk).

copy_reddit A Python script for the social networking news site Reddit, that can be used to copy all subreddit subscriptions and friends from a source user account to a destination account
eyePodify A Python script for creating an iTunes compatible music library out of an existing music library filled with oggs and flacs.
Gentoo Update Shell script designed to automate the process of updating the software packages on a set of Gentoo computers
lnSponge A TCL script designed to recursively scan a directory for new files. It creates symbolic links to new files in a designated directory and keeps a record of created links so they can be deleted and not regenerate on future runs. Its original intended use was to keep track of which video and media files I had already viewed.
oggfolder2mp3 A Bash script to recursively convert a folder of ogg files into mp3s.
Ruby Email Script This Ruby script will execute a given program and e-mail the standard output to a specified e-mail address. It can be used in conjunction with other scripts listed on this page for logging purposes.