Goodbye Viva Frei, Robert Barnes and Steven Crowder

A slightly overweight 40 year old lawyer with a greying beard across the desk from the slightly overweight, beaded change my mine guy, who also has side holsters and they're on air and it's in the style of 8-bit voxel art

I recently documented how I archived content from creators I subscribed to on Locals. I subscribed to VivaBarnes when they first joined the platform in 2020, and I also subscribed to Louder with Crowder when it switched to Locals from The Blaze. For years, I felt like both had done an excellent job of informing and/or entertaining their audience in some very difficult times. However, both have had their own controversies over the years. Over time, I gained less from the subscriber-only content. The quality of their work has degraded. My own research has found they’ve both been pushing their own narrative stories, sometimes directly opposed to the facts of the events they cover. I don’t regret supporting them, but I think I’ve exhausted the value I received from their videos. This month, my subscriptions end for the only two people I follow on Locals.

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The Tragedy of Steven Crowder

A conservative TV host, with a blue shirt and a beard, in a tragic situation, staring off into the sunset as his studio crumbled around him

Recently Steven Crowder ran an investigative piece alleging a high ranking female executive at BlackRock was connected to a forum used to exchange sexually explicit material involving minors. This allegation was based off of a single e-mail address, tied to the individual by means of several background check websites. This investigation was horrifically sloppy, and had no concrete evidence of any criminal wrongdoing. Crowder’s team has done amazing investigation work during the most controversial election of our time. However, this investigation was abhorrently bad. It was followed by a serious of other questionable investigations where Crowder went after the porn industry, and a small local school. As the show seems to drift further away from the topics many American conservatives actually care about, he also is facing more accusations from former staff members about his conduct as their employer. As someone who has been a fan of his content for years, I find it disheartening to see the quality of his show in a sharp state of decline.

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How Reddit Banned Ideas

Reddit Thought Police
Reddit Thought Police

Years ago, I was in a vehicle headed to a state park in Kentucky to go camping with a group of friends. As I looked around from my seat, I asked, “Wait, do we all know each other from Reddit?” A friend replied, “Yes, you’re going camping in the woods with random people you met off the Internet. You know, that thing your mother told you not to do.”

Whenever I moved to new cities, Reddit meetups were one of the many ways I’d meet new people. Reddit was once an amazing microcosm of vastly different viewpoints spanning tens of thousands of communities. In the past several years, it has abandoned its original vision, driving out verboten viewpoints in the name of safety and social justice. It’s embrace of censorship has converted the platform from a hivemind into an echo chamber. Once a small backwater site like 4chan, Reddit has grown to embrace big tech censorship, and has morphed itself into a website with a very narrow acceptable range of views. It has become an extremist forum, just as terrible as the platforms that were created by its dissidents.

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Israel, Palestine and the Coming Genocide

Israeli and Palestinian fags overlaid on each other

Over the weekend Hamas forces attacked Israel. Initial reports indicated Palestinian forces entered via land and power gliders. There is evidence they are directly attacking civilians, although a considerable amount of information is clouded in the fog of war. Immediately, most conservative analysts and commentators defended Israel and condemned Palestinian forces as terrorists. The resulting media fury has sharply divided people on all sides of the political compass. Some people fully support Israel without question, some fully back the Palestinians, and others condemn both sides of the conflict. Few people are asking the real questions beyond the media smoke screen. The conflict is a major distraction from a failing US president, the unending conflict in Ukraine and the dual border crises in the European Union and the United States.

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The Ballad of Steven Crowder

Man with a gym bag walking through a street into a sunset

In my last post, I discussed archiving the collection of Louder with Crowder Mug Club episodes after he switched networks. During the past year, Steven Crowder has faced many controversies, both with his show and his personal life. His conflict with The Daily Wire, the leaked videos of an argument with his wife, the departure of Dave Landau, and his move from BlazeTV to Rumble, have all led to reactions and speculation.

I currently still watch and support Louder with Crowder with a subscription to Mug Club. Over the past few years, I have found the show both entertaining and an excellent lens for information in an increasingly politically divisive media hellscape. We are living in a culture that seeks to erase anyone who doesn’t spout the ideology of progressivism. It’s a culture that will not supply grace and forgiveness to those who admit they are imperfect, but will justify insane beliefs of those from the progressive clan. Do Crowder’s antics and actions impede on his integrity? If so, what light should that cast (if any) on the work and dedication of the dozens of people that have made Louder with Crowder into one of the largest conservative morning shows currently on the Internet?

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Kayne is the Ideal Democrat Candidate

Yeezy Slide Shows

Last year Kayne West (also known as Ye) made headlines for several interviews where he directly blames a single ethnic group for issues he’s had with the entertainment industry. Blaming any group of people based on a characteristic they literally have no control over, has been historically been condemned as immoral. Kanye’s views shouldn’t really come as a surprise in a world that is returning to segregation as some type of penance for past wrongs. However, there is a deeper evil to this story that people are dismissing because of Kanye’s absurdity. Kanye’s story is about the dangers of Hollywood, the power of propaganda, and the way people are used for their cult of personality to propel a narrative. But worst of all, his story is being used to fuel the Orwellian idea that words are violence. His story will likely be twisted as a tale of right-wing radicalization that fuels domestic terrorism.

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Wikipedia is a Source of Political Propaganda


Larry Sanger, one of the original founders of Wikipedia, has openly stated that Wikipedia is clearly biased. Although the free online encyclopedia is good at general information about broad topics, it’s terribly inaccurate for anything political, contentious or controversial. If it wasn’t for section 230 immunity, many of its articles would be subject to claims of libel, defamation and slander. Recently, several outlets have talked about how the Wikimedia Foundation raises far more money than necessary for its day to day operations, using much of their funding for political actions.

Wikipedia may still have a lot of valuable information, but it takes effort and skill to maintain your privacy and avoid rhetoric while browsing Wikipedia. No one should be donating to the Wikimedia Foundation. Their banners are deceptive, and the money they raise fund overtly political, unscientific and biased organizations.

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Goodbye to PayPal

PayPal Logo with do not enter bar across it

By now, everyone has heard that PayPal made a change to their acceptable use policy, allowing them to fine people $2,500 for promoting “misinformation” or “hate.” Although they have since rescinded the change, the damage is already done. There has been a mass exodus of people deleting their PayPal accounts. I have minimized my use of PayPal since they started censoring several people and organizations I respect, for the past several years, including conservatives, people who investigated American political prisoners, the Democratic Party of Hong Kong and Wikileaks.

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The Growing Fight Against Censorship on the Web

Kiwi fruit

In 2017 Cloudflare, the world’s largest Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack protection provider, decided to withdraw all services from a website they didn’t agree with politically. Their company didn’t operate in a vacuum, as every big tech provider collectively censored that website, making it impossible for them to host their content anywhere on the Internet. Recently, Cloudflare decided to do the same thing to Kiwi Farms, days after releasing a statement about their policies and “avoiding an abuse of power.” Cloudflare not only dropped Kiwi Farms as a customer, but put up a custom error page defaming them. Kiwi Farms released a statement saying Cloudflare was lying about the entire affair, but were unable to keep their website up after being forced to switch DDoS providers. Wikispooks, a comprehensive wiki about three-letter-agencies, went down around this same time period as well.

The types of censorship we are seeing right now is not unprecedented. We’ve seen countless amounts of censorship in the past few years, surrounding everything from COVID-19 and doctors to election fortification to corruption involving the son of Former Vice President Biden. This level of censorship should terrify everyone. In the case of Kiwi Farms, the censorship appears to be specifically due to pressure from a trans-activist who openly advocates for giving children prescription hormones without parental consent.

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Forgiving Student Debt is a Massive Wealth Transfer from the Poor to the Rich

Photo by Ehud Neuhaus
Photo by Ehud Neuhaus

Former Vice President Biden announced plans to forgive at least $10,000 in student debt for individuals earning less than $125,000 per year, and $250,000 for families. The majority of Americas are concerned that this will drive up inflation. With less than 15% of Americans currently holding student loans, this will be nothing more than a massive wealth transfers from laborers to those in the upper middle class.

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