Network Security
(cpsc-544 / UTC)
Lab #1 Paper Paper discussing various security problems including Buffer Overflows, Man In The Middle, Sequence Number Spoofing, Phising using Internationalized Domain Names, ARP poisoning, S/MIME exploit in Squirrel Mail, mremap() exploit in the Linux Kernel, etc.
Lab #2 Paper Lab analyzing Secure Internet Services, Firewalls/Demilitarized Zones (DMZ), Secure Tunnels, Mobile Clients and Multimedia Security.
Lab #3 Paper Paper covering the topic of Operating System Security
Lab #4 Documents Lab involving searching for holes in a network using Nessus and nmap
Lab #5 Documents A Security Policy based on the previous lab which covers Physical Security, Logical Security, Access Control, Infrastructure and Data Integrity, Network Services, Authenticated Data, Common Attack Deterrents, Data Confidentiality, Policies and Procedures for Staff/Awareness Training and Incident Handling.
Lab #6 Documents Documentation for setting up a firewall on Linux using GuardDog (an iptables frontend) and on Windows using ZoneAlarm.
Lab #7 Documents Documentation for installing and configuring SNORT, an Intrusion Detection system
Conclusion Paper Reflective paper/overview of the entire course
Structured Data Exchange
(cpsc-542 / UTC)
Assignment #1 Homework Conversion of UTC Applications from PDF into XML
Assignment #2 Homework DTD implemented for previous assignment along with an XHTML form to take in data and PHP script to put that data in XML format.
Assignment #3 Homework XML Schema for previous assignment
Assignment #4 Homework XHTML form that uses JavaScript to convert input data into XML
Assignment #5 Homework Displaying XML using both XSL Transforms and StyleSheets
Assignment #6 Homework XML with various XSL Transforms applied as well as a transform to create an XML-Fo file used to create a PDF.
Assignment #7 Homework XML Parsing in Java using both SAX and DOM parsers.
Assignment #8 Homework Java application for searching Hamlet XML file using SAX2
Assignment #9 Homework Java application for searching Hamlet XML file using DOM
Assignment #10 Homework Java application for searching Hamlet XML file using JDOM
Assignment #11 Homework Java application that compares the performance of SAX versus DOM parsers
Final Exam Exam Take home exam
Embedded Real-time Systems
(cpsc-538 / UTC)
Stopwatch using Wait Look and Interrupts Program Stopwatch for HC12 microcontroller that takes input from and sends output to serial port.
Voltage Meter Program Voltage meter which registers voltages between 0 and 5 volts using the HC12’s built in analogue to digital converter.
LED Display and DTA/ATD Conversion Program Controls two seven segment LED displays used to display input from serial port. It also reads in voltage using an external analogue to digital converter and then retransmits voltage using external digital to analogue converter
Digital Filtering of Analog Signals Program Two digital filters designed using the HC12 and external AD7569 ATD/DTA converter. The first filter is first-order low-pass with a cutoff of 500Hz. The second filter is a second-order low-pass with a cutoff of 125Hz.
LED Clock Art Program Clock designed to set time using two push-buttons and output time represented by a row of LEDs per digit. The number of LEDs lit indicate the digit. Multiple rows are lit from one set of outputs using transistor as switches.
Computer Architecture
(cpsc-533 / UTC)
Multiprocessor Architectures Paper Paper describing several multiprocessor architecture types including Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA), Symmetric Multiprocessor (SMP) and Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) as well as the pseudo-multiprocessor technology known as Hyper-Threading (HT).
Multi-CPU Architectures Presentation End of term class presentation on Multi-CPU Architectures covering the material in the paper.
Advanced Topics in System Software
(cpsc-532r / UTC)
Homework #1 Homework Setting up a mail server on a Linux system
Homework #2 Program Reimplementation of wc command with the ability to use the real wc command as a backend
Homework #3 Program Reimplementation of yes command in UNIX with the addition of signal handlers.
Homework #4 Homework Virtual memory, paging and offset questions
Homework #5 Program Program designed to test the speeds of various inter-process communication techniques including shared memory, pipes and sockets.
Device Nodes in Linux Presentation Presentation which discusses the changes in the Linux device node management including static device nodes, devfs, udev and the new HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) combined with dbus.
Client-Server Systems
(cpsc-526 / UTC)
Assignment #1 Homework Lab in which the Wireshark packet-sniffing tool is used to analyze HTTP and DNS traffic.
Assignment #2 Program Simple Ping Client/Server implemented using the UDP protocol in Java
Assignment #3 Homework Lab which involved using ns2 (network simulator) to study packet loss and wireless transmission.
Assignment #4 Program RTSP video stream client/server implementation in Java
Virtual Private Networks Presentation Keynote presentation covering Virtual Private Network technologies including PPTP, IPSec and OpenVPN
Project Management
(cpsc-520 / UTC)
Traditional Project Management Paper A research paper on Traditional Project Management
Nontraditional Project Management Paper A research paper on Nontraditional Project Management
Group Management Paper A research paper on Group Management
Group Project Documents Various files for the two group projects assigned to the class
Computer Programming Languages
(cpsc-510 / UTC)
Notes Documents Class notes.
History of Squeak Paper Paper describing the origins of Squeak and Samlltalk-80.
Squeak Language Paper A brief description of the Squeak programming language
Squeak Variables Paper Overview of variables, typing and classes in the Squeak language
Squeak Paper Conclusion paper/compilation on the Squeak programming language
Squeak Presentation Keynote presentation on the Squeak language
Sample Programs Program Sample programs for simple tasks using various languages such as Fortran, J, C++ and Java
Artificial Intelligence
(cpsc-4240 / TTU)
Program #1 Program Solves the sliding-puzzle problem using both Manhattan Distance and Straight Line Distance.
Program #2 Program Using a knowledge base combined with facts entered on the command line, this program implements a forward-chaining algorithm to make inferences in first-order predicate logic.
Program #3 Program Determines the probably of an outcome using an XML file which defines a Bayesian Network
Program #4 Program Implementation of an ID3 decision tree written in C# (Mono.NET)
Computer Networks
(csc-4200 / TTU)
Homework #1 Homework Questions covering the ANSI five-layer protocol stack
Homework #2 Homework Questions covering routing protocols
Program #1 Program Client/Server program with a client written in C and several servers written in C++. The client makes a connection to a name service which returns to the client, the host which a given service is running on. The client then contacts that host with the request. Services can also register themselves with the name service.
Program #2 Program Implementation of transport layer protocols in C using the CNET network simulator.
File Processing
(cpsc-3620 / TTU)
Program #1 Program Cobol program designed to read in a file, check fields to make sure they validate against a set of conditions and record an error log of invalid fields
Program #2 Program Cobol program that reads in indexed files, sorts each file, merges them and places them in output files based on account types.
Program #3 Program Program written in Cobol that reads in a data file of music titles, sorts data and writes it back out to a file. The second part of the program runs a transaction file that will add, delete and change entries from the original. Errors are placed in a separate error log.
Program #4 Program Hashtable written in Cobol
Advanced Programming
(csc-3400 / TTU)
Program Set #1 Program Various C++ Programs
Program Set #2 Program Second program set includes a C++ program to generate random limericks and a program that performs simple Matrix math.
Program Set #3 Program C++ versions of a Stack, Linked List, String Class, simple ATM machine and Complex Number manipulator.
Program Set #4 Program C++ programs for showing overflows in numeric data types, manipulating files with fixed record length and creating a simple vending machine.
Operating Systems
(cpsc-251 / UTC)
Exercises Homework Answers to homework questions taken from text book.
Labs Program Various labs containing programs written in Java and a Virtual Operating System (VOS) written in C++.
Accounting II
(acct-2110 / TTU)
Homework #1 Homework The only homework assignment I did in Accounting II before I dropped the class