At home I use the latest version openSUSE with network updates and patches, but in a corporate environment a server administrator or developer often finds him or herself having to deal with older enterprise versions of products. I was surprised to discover that SUSE Enterprise Server 10 SP2 did not contain a subversion package (or anything above python 2.4.2, but that’s for another post). I found several conflicting and outdated instructions, so here is a current version of how to install subversion 1.6 on SUSE Enterprise Server 10.

openSUSE does maintain some SLE rpms. Simply add the following repository. I did this by using Yast>Software>Installation Source>Add. Yast will ask you to import the repository key.

You will most likely need the installation/service pack DVD mounted as well in order to install dependencies such as neon and apr. The dependencies will be pulled in automatically by running the following:

zypper install subversion

The output should look like the following:

zypper install subversion
Restoring system sources...
Parsing metadata for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP3-20110408-123840...
Parsing metadata for -20110513-093220...
Parsing RPM database...
<install>   [S3:0][package]neon-0.26.1-10.1.x86_64
<install>   [S2:1][package]libapr-util1-1.2.2-13.7.x86_64
<install>   [S2:1][package]libapr1-1.2.2-13.2.x86_64
<install>   [S3:0][package]subversion-1.6.16-29.2.x86_64
Continue? [y/n]: y
Downloading: [S2:1][package]libapr1-1.2.2-13.2.x86_64, 103.4 K(258.9 K unpacked)
Installing: [S2:1][package]libapr1-1.2.2-13.2.x86_64
Downloading: [S3:0][package]neon-0.26.1-10.1.x86_64, 102.6 K(311.4 K unpacked)
Installing: [S3:0][package]neon-0.26.1-10.1.x86_64
Downloading: [S2:1][package]libapr-util1-1.2.2-13.7.x86_64, 63.3 K(149.3 K unpacked)
Installing: [S2:1][package]libapr-util1-1.2.2-13.7.x86_64
Downloading: [S3:0][package]subversion-1.6.16-29.2.x86_64, 1.8 M(6.0 M unpacked)
Installing: [S3:0][package]subversion-1.6.16-29.2.x86_64


Dave Perry 2012-10-26

I've tried the above on our SLES 10 SP4 installation (it was SP3 before I updated), and it hasn't worked - 'package subversion not found' apparently. What else might it be?

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