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I created dav-xmpp-sync as a way to sync my contacts between my CardDav server and an XMPP/SMS Gateway, in order to migrate from Google Voice. I’m happy to announce the release of version 1.0. dav-xmpp-sync is now published to PyPI, as well as docker hub. Many of the features and bug fixes for this release wouldn’t be possible without all the various contributors, both for bug reports and code patches.

List of Changes for dav-xmpp-sync v1.0.0:

  • Added Poetry build system
  • Refactored project, breaking apart components
  • Added sync command for continually running syncs at interval
  • Updated two stage Docker build with Poetry
  • Added support for Evolution E164 vCards (Lily)
  • Added support for default categories (Lily)
  • Updated to Python 3.10
  • Added configuration file validation