Canadian Flag

A massive trucker convoy has descended onto Ottawa, the capital of Canada. If you haven’t heard of it, I’m not surprised. It hasn’t been covered by any international main stream media outlets, with searches on their websites returning irrelevant results from years ago1. The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has labeled the convoy a “fringe minority.” This minority has gridlocked the streets of the capitol, lined the sides of highways, and has led to what many on the Internet have dubbed The Honkening. They gathered to stand for the rights of all Canadians against the nation’s authoritarian curfews and lockdown measures. It is an amazing movement, and should give people of all nations a boost of hope for the new year.

It’s difficult to remember that it’s been two years since the mind virus started to sow and spread seeds of authoritarianism across the planet. People have lost a sense of time, due to the endless nonsense being poured into our brains by the legacy media. The thought of even more years of Orwellian nonsense has placed great stress on people around the world. In 2022, many nations began to double-down on ineffective health policies and forced medication mandates. However, on January 19, Boris Johnson announced the end of all COVID measures mandated nationally in the United Kingdom, with self-isolation restrictions expiring in March2. That announcement, coupled with the Canadian protests only a few weeks later, is a strong start to a year that will hopefully bring the world back from the brink of our current mass-hysteria.

Multiple Livestreams of the Canadian Trucker's Protests
Multiple Livestreams of the Canadian Trucker's Protests

It should be increasingly clear to people that this era is no longer about a virus. People will continue to be afflicted by SARS-CoV2 and its mutations, likely for the rest of humanity. Like any other illness, people should have the freedom to choose, with the guidance of their doctors, what treatments and/or preventatives to use to deal with this illness. The measures being put into place, which people are fighting against, are clearly to bring about a new era of citizen tracking in an era where we are losing all our privacy.

“…This is the basis of social credit … the first time I used [the app], I drove up the booth, and I held up my passport, and the guy says ‘I don’t need to see it.’ What do you mean, ‘I don’t need to see it.’ He said, ‘When your truck dives up, and it’s within a certain vicinity of the border, all your details and information comes up on my computer, and it’s correlated with your passport, so I can already see it. You don’t have to show it to me.’ Great, so when are we going to start implementing that across every city in Canada, and ultimately, the United States? … this is crazy draconian stuff.” -BJ Dichter, Spokesman for the Canadian Freedom Convoy3

The level of psychopathy required to redefine 'authoritarian' to describe a movement of virtually powerless individuals simply saying 'no' to government abuse of power beggars belief.

The Price of Freedom

Watching some of the videos and live streams from the Canadian trucker protest has literally brought me to tears. Dozens of overpasses were filled with supporters waving Canadian flags as trucker after trucker passed under them, honking. Despite Justin Trudeau’s attempts to brand the protesters as racists4, the comradely being shown by everyone protesting in Ottawa is undeniable. Towing companies are even refusing to impound trucker’s vehicles5. These protests are filled with hardworking men and women; truckers, farmers, laborers and the thousands of Canadians who support them in defending freedom and human rights.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. We are seeing huge changes out of the United Kingdom2, and Canada has pulled the proposed tax on unvaccinated Canadians6. Still, we must remember that vaccine papers are required to enter many establishments in France7. Australians are still being forced into quarantine camps against their will8, without any exception for mental health9. The truckers in Canada have stated they will not stay a day longer than they have to, but they want to see all COVID restrictions lifted as they have been in Sweden, Denmark, UK, Norway, Finland, Ireland and Switzerland10.

Freedom comes at a cost. The people of Canada are not storming a beach with firearms and grenades. They are simply honking loudly, and will continue to do so, day and night, until their God given freedoms, human rights, and humanity are restored. This should be an inspiration to all of us. It is a light in a world darkened by a plague of authoritarianism. The bus boycotts in Montgomery lasted eleven months. It has already been two years to flatten the curve. Let us hope the government of Canada does not drag this on unnecessarily.

Even when our humanity and rights are restored, we must be ever vigilant. Government control is accelerated by moments of respite followed by new threats of terror, in a dangerous cycle designed to wear down citizens11. We must treat this era as a do not enter sign; a reminder of how people around the world were willing to give up essential liberty for security theater. But for now, those who are following the truckers know we have something truly amazing: Hope. I cry when I see the free people of Canada fight, and it gives me hope that humanity will turn around from the brink of the madness that has captured so many nations for the past two years. God bless Canada, God bless the peacekeepers, and God bless those who fight peaceably for freedom all around the world.