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You are in The Crucible. Someone in your town has been accused of witchcraft. Do you defend the witch, or walk away from those screaming for fire and blood? Would you burn the witch? Would you turn on your friend if they were disloyal to the Soviet empire? Would you turn in your neighbor for hiding Jews? Those who conform instead of standing up for deep moral convictions, are the ones who survive. In every authoritarian state, genocide, or episode of mass-hysteria, those who stand to defend others are often the first to be imprisoned, arrested or killed. Figures like Gandhi, Martin Luther (both of them) and others, are the outliers that give us hope. Yet, the tragic reality is that those who either stay silent or embrace atrocities, are often the survivors.

Joe Rogan recently interviewed Dr. Peter McCullough on his podcast, discussing early treatment and COVID-19. The interview garnered a lot of attention, but was so controversial that parts of it were removed from Rogan’s official clips channel on YouTube1. During the interview, McCullough addressed the possibility that we are in an era of dangerous groupthink.

“We think there’s about five hundred doctors who know what’s going on in the United States … We’ve got a million doctors in the United States, we’ve got half a million nurse practitioners and physician assistants. I can tell you the nurses are more awake than the doctors. … The doctors appear to be, like many of our leaders — By the way, the leaders of all the major churches, every single one of them, the major religious branches, are under the spell. Every major global international leader is under the spell. We’re in what’s called a ‘mass formation psychosis’2 -Dr. Peter McCullough

On it’s face, what McCullough is saying seems absurd. We are in a stage of collective mental illness, and everyone has been wooed by it? However, if you search for terms such as mass psychosis or mass hysteria, one of the top results on many search engines will be an article from Salon, which is equally unhinged.

“In 2020, 34 percent of Republicans and independents who lean to the right surveyed by Pew Research Center agreed that it was ‘probably’ or ‘definitely true’ that powerful people intentionally planned the COVID-19 outbreak. Eighteen percent of Democrats and left-leaners agreed, too. That same year, results from a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist survey found that approximately three-quarters of Republicans did not trust the 2020 presidential election results. It should go without saying that these kinds of beliefs are fantasy, not rooted in any rational fact or evidence. Hence, someone observing from afar the rise in conspiratorial beliefs and pseudoscience might characterize a vast swath of the American public as delusional. From the COVID-truther movement to people believing the 2020 presidential election was rigged, it appears that the body politic is — to put it mildly — no longer on the same page3 -Salon.

The article uses the phrase, “It should go without saying that these kinds of beliefs are fantasy, not rooted in … fact or evidence.” It makes these heavily opinionated claims, without any foundation, immediately after quoting polls that indicate a completely different view held by many Americans. I would hold that the 2020 general elections were the most controversial and heavily contested elections in the United States since Rutherford B. Hayes, and Bush v Gore. The Salon article creates a new other, and directly attacks their view of reality based on their opinions about highly contentious issues.

Who is Right?

“COVID-19 is a virus, right? But it’s also a Rorschach test, and none of this is more true than in the United States. COVID is a way for us to express our political preferences, in an increasingly political world. Therefore, any appeals to science are bullshit. Because if my science suggests one thing, while your science suggest another, then this means the science isn’t settled. But that we’re using appeals to science to facilitate an underlying political desire.” -The Riddle of COVID-19, Mouthy Buddha4

Is humanity suffering from the largest case of media induced mass hysteria in all of human history? If so, which side is in a state of moral panic, and which side is correctly justified in their indignation? Today, we can say that those who called for burning the witches were clearly in the wrong, and define those who were burned as victims. In a state of free fall, how do we objectively judge if our viewpoints are authoritarian or righteous? How does one identify cognitive dissonance, if we’re all neck deep in a sea of conflicting ideology?

Let’s start with your freedom: You, as an individual. Should personal and individual freedom be the basis for natural human rights? Civilized society does take freedom away from individuals who deviate and violate social mores that can harm others. Are nations that lockup people for potential crime, or for their ideology, considered free? Individualism is about independence and freedom so long as we cause no harm to others. Compelling someone to do something to themselves, in order to benefit all of society, could be seen as a form of collectivism. When politicians such as former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger say “screw your freedom56,” are they speaking from a place of love to protect all individuals, or are they spouting an authoritarian message that our own bodies are not sacred in the context of some greater societal good?

“…In New Brunswick, the unvaccinated were blocked from an outdoor farmers market. The government literally put out an e-mail saying that the unvaccinated could be denied entry into to grocery stores, and they would have to find alternative means to gather necessities of life…“ -VivaFrei7

Let’s look at food. Is it justifiable for the leaders of a nation to intentionally withhold food from a segment of their population, leading to potential starvation or famine? Noam Chomsky has openly advocated for ostracizing those who refused to be vaccinated. He made a straw man argument, comparing those who refuse medication to those who refuse to stop at red lights8. The man who literally co-authored a book titled Manufacturing Consent, is openly advocating that people who do not conform or submit to medication are on their own when it comes to obtaining food9. The government of New Brunswick in Canada put out an e-mail, stating that the unvaccinated could be denied entry to outdoor farmers markets and grocery stores10.

Stop Calling Human Beings “Hesitant” and “Antivaxers”

In October, a paper by Jessica Rose and Peter McCullough, which had been published after a full peer-review process, was pulled from the Elsevier journal. On October 15th, Elsevier informed Dr. McCullough they had rejected the paper after they had already accepted it; something that is highly unusual11. The paper contained an analysis on “Myocarditis Adverse Events in the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) in Association with COVID-19 Injectable Biological Products12”. A later paper in Nature did show an increase risk of myocarditis, pericarditis, and cardiac arrhythmias associated with COVID-19 vaccines13. A whistleblower documenting how Pfizer cut corners on their vaccine trial and data gathering, was published in the BMJ14, one of the oldest and most well respected general medical journals.

Vaccinating children makes absolutely no sense. They’re the least likely to suffer at all from the virus, and the clinical data on side effects shows that for every one child saved by the shot, approximately 117 would die from its side effects15. Vaccinating children, with the intent of protecting adults and the elderly, is immoral and reprehensible16.

“Follow the silence … read the books that they want to burn.” -Brent Weinstein12

The risk of serious injury from these injections, including myocarditis, neurological damage and death, is non-trivial. The FDA does work with large tech platforms like YouTube to censor videos and information17. Censorship of professional opinions was present very early in the pandemic, starting the with Bakersfield ER doctors in April of 2020. Media outlets have published articles about “post-pandemic stress disorder,” as a possible cause for the increase in cardiac issues18, which sounds like deflective, made-up, Orwellian bullshit1920.

Past Lessons

“There is always a lesson to learn from the holocaust. We’re always reminded [of] that. Never forget. We’ve learned our lesson. There’s a lesson to be learned. Okay, fair enough. Now, what was the lesson? That’s the question … And the lesson is, you’re the Nazi. That’s the lesson. Really? Really? Oh god, that’s a terrible lesson. But, I don’t see another lesson. Do you? No one wants to learn that. I mean, that’s what I’ve been teaching my students since 1993 … If you would have been there, that would have been you. You think, ‘well I’d be Oskar Schindler, I’d be rescuing the Jews’ … No, I’m afraid not. You’d at least not be saying anything. And you might also be actively participating. You might also enjoy it.” -Jordan Peterson21

Stanley Milgram showed the world that, with the right conditions, he could get over two-thirds of normal, everyday people, to fatally electrocute another human being. Right now, we are in the world’s largest Milgram experiment. The people in the while coats are telling us to trust them, and all the tools we use for communication are actively suppressing information; telling us what is, and is not, factual information.

“In this meaningless life of mine I have seen both of these: the righteous perishing in their righteousness, and the wicked living long in their wickedness.” -Ecclesiastes 7:15

When the lockdowns started in March of 2020, I honestly thought that within a years time, I would be writing an article looking back and examining COVID-19. I was not anticipating that we would still be in the grip of both COVID diseases for over two years. We are at the point where we will likely see people masked well into 2025, and I do believe there is a high probability of a fertility crisis — a real-life Children of Men22 situation — within a decade.

On Burning Witches

We are in a crucible. Every respite to the plague is an eye in a continuing avalanche of hurricanes; waves of endless threats designed to run us down23. Our leaders are drunk with power. Israel just approved a 4th booster dose for its citizens24. You will never be vaccinated enough. Many countries are on they way to a mandated injectable medication subscription plan where everyone must take all their medications, and medical privacy will end.

For those who believe the vaccine works and should be encouraged, if not mandated: every booster you get is a game of Russian Roulette. The magazine might hold 100,000 rounds, or even 300,000 rounds, but somewhere in there is a real bullet. Each shot could be the one to finally cause irreversible damage. You might be okay with some people dying so long as the population is safe; that we all have to share a collective risk in order for all of society to gain and advantage. If you’re right, forced injections may prevent massive waves of deaths. If you’re wrong, you support the removal of everyone’s individual human and civil rights, for a set of drugs that will cause more harm than good.

“Figuring things out for yourself is the only freedom anyone really has. Use that freedom. Make up your own mind…“ -Starship Troopers (1997 Film)

This will not end anytime soon. Two weeks to flatten the curve has turned into nearly two years of absolute insanity. There is no realistic end in sight. Eventually humanity will turn back from this, and when we do, I doubt we will look kindly on this era. In the history books, it will be covered in do not enter signs.

This is not a time of honor. We may turn back, and I am hopeful that we will. But we are on the brink of medical tyranny, over one of the least tested drugs in the era of modern medical regulation. People are being further divided in their ideologies. Hatred is replacing compassion, collectivism is replacing individualism, and censorship is being cheered as virtue instead of atrocity.

How Do We Not Burn Witches?

People in all nations are fighting vaccine mandates2526, and we’re beginning to see which countries have robust legislation and judicial will to preserve the rights of the individual. I’d like to think my own nation, or at least parts of it, will survive the push towards fear and panic. Yet, I have no allusions to the danger we are all now facing. Many will simply keep their heads down. The majority have already complied. Australia is actively placing people into quarantine camps27, from which people are trying to escape28. Australians are also suffering from mental breakdowns in quarantine hotels29. Canada’s quarantine hotel restrictions apply to all citizens except for their prime minister30; another example of the pure hypocrisy of our local and world leaders.

If humanity does not somehow learn to deal with mass-hysteria and moral panic, and if we survive this, we will be here once again in another century. Daylight is the best disinfectant. Freedom of speech, religion and deep moral beliefs are the essential pillars in preventing tyranny. Our bodies are temples31, sacred and autonomous. I known not where the future will lead, but I hope it is a path back to sanity and liberty. If we do not escape the grip of fear, more blood will be spilled for the new God of COVID, and the holy doctors who are its priests.

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