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Last year Kayne West (also known as Ye) made headlines for several interviews where he directly blames a single ethnic group for issues he’s had with the entertainment industry. Blaming any group of people based on a characteristic they literally have no control over, has been historically been condemned as immoral. Kanye’s views shouldn’t really come as a surprise in a world that is returning to segregation as some type of penance for past wrongs. However, there is a deeper evil to this story that people are dismissing because of Kanye’s absurdity. Kanye’s story is about the dangers of Hollywood, the power of propaganda, and the way people are used for their cult of personality to propel a narrative. But worst of all, his story is being used to fuel the Orwellian idea that words are violence. His story will likely be twisted as a tale of right-wing radicalization that fuels domestic terrorism.

The Net and Yoo-hoo

During Kanye’s interview with Alex Jones1, Kanye pulled out a little orange net and a bottle of Yoo-hoo before ranting about the former Israeli Prime Minister. Benjamin Netanyahu has recently been re-elected, by what some have described to be a nationalist base2. Netanyahu also appeared on Jordan Peterson’s show3, taking part in an interview where Peterson did not confront or push-back on several contentious statements and bizarre arguments. When challenged by his fans4 and critics5, Peterson called on YouTube to censor his critics6, and referred to them as “pathetic anonymous derisive trolls7.”

I’ve been a fan of Peterson’s work and interviews in the past. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I think his arguments are carefully constructed and his views insightful. I’ve even quoted his statement on the lessons of the holocaust, when discussing the modern era of witch burning. However, Peterson didn’t push back at all when Netanyahu made several analogies to Israel being like an apartment taken back from squatters. His interview was worse than Steve Inskeep’s 2008 interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Even though Inskeep pushed Ahmadinejad with completely irrelevant talking points, at least he pushed. The entire interview was a reminder that, even though Peterson has some good ideas and appears to stand for the freedom to speak, underneath it all, he still leans very left. He is generally against the right, and disguises his self-help advice with ideology and religion8.


Why does Netanyahu and Israel matter in relation to Kanye’s antics? Let’s take a look at the Tweet that got Kanye kicked off of Twitter9.

Tweet from @kanyewest saying 'Well everyone   We had a nice run Jesus is King' followed by a Jewish Star of David with a swastika embedded in the middle, followed by 'YE24 LOVE EVERYONE #LOVESPEECH'

Kanye posted an image of the Star of David, with a Nazi Swastika embed within it9. Elon Musk said Kanye would be banned from twitter due to violating their policy on “incitement to violence10.” You can disagree with Kanye’s view and the image he posted, but nothing in it is an incitement to violence. It is a political statement, but doesn’t contain an immediate or imminent threat, nor a call to action. The act of banning Kanye, is a way to reinforce the insane idea that distasteful speech is somehow violence.


I want to state clearly that I do not believe Kanye’s views on “The Jews” are correct. I acknowledge there are a disproportionate number of people from that particular ethnic group in many high income positions in media, banking and government. However, blaming all of “The Jews” for any type of perceived privilege is equally as racist as those who believe in white fragility and white privilege.

I don’t like the fact that Gavin McInnes seemingly faked an arrest on a livestream as some kind of stunt11. However, I do think the media misrepresents the Proud Boys organization he founded, especially after their current leader briefly became a political prisoner. McInnes recently interviewed Kanye in an intervention, trying to persuade Kanye to change some of his views12.

Gavin McInnes: Blacks are over-represented in violent crime, but when you meet an individual black, you don't apply that. You start with a fresh slate every time you meet someone. Do you do that with Jews?

Kanye: Nope.


McInnes:This intervention isn't going very well.

I think it’s clear from this interview that Kanye is making racist statements. Even Steven Crowder’s staff mentioned how interesting it was to see Alex Jones being uncomfortable on Alex’s own show as he interviewed Kanye13.

The Deeper, Darker Story

Kanye claimed that Harley Pasternak, his personal trainer, threatened to hospitalize him and place him in a mental institution141516. Pasternak allegedly has direct ties to Canada’s National Defense17, and has even said in an interview that his military work allowed him to prescribe drugs for non-standard uses18.

“Working for the military, I wasn’t governed by the same laws that the typical person was, so I could look at the impact of certain drugs that are not every day things.” -Harley Pasternak18

There is a much deeper story going on here, that likely involves propaganda and directed narratives. People outside the legacy media have long held that many of the figureheads we see promoted online and on TV, likely have handlers that direct and influence them about what they can and cannot say. It’s quite obvious that Former Vice President Biden is entirely guided by handlers, as he likely has no idea where he is on any given day.

The people who are pulling those strings are likely directing the public to not question the stories beamed into our eyes from our screens. During his interview with Alex Jones, Kanye was wearing a Balenciaga mask, despite all the recent controversy involving their advertising campaign depicting young children with BDSM stuffed animals1920.

Even spectacles like Kanye can be used to demonize anyone with views outside the current Overton Window, simply because they are so outlandish. After Kanye was locked out of his bank accounts21 and PayPal’s controversial changes to their acceptable use policy, once again we were presented with the fact that control could be excreted over people via access to their own money.

With rumors alleging that Kanye is missing, along with Britney Spears22 (who recently made news for fighting a legal conservatorship23), questioned should be raised about the degree of real freedom the celebrities we’re presented with truly have.

Kanye Should Run as a Democrat in 2024

Despite criticism over Kanye dawning a MAGA hat and meeting with President Trump, no one should be fooled. Kanye has revealed that he is a full on, hard-left democrat at heart. When he makes blanket statements about all Jewish people, it’s exactly how democrats talk about white-privilege. When he walked off of Tim Pool’s show because people wouldn’t acknowledge his truth24, he was acting exactly like leftist who avoid debates where they have to defend their positions. The fact that he goes by Ye means he has a “dead-name.” Despite how the democrats may write him off, at his core, he has shown that he would be the ultimate democrat candidate. He is the epitome of their racist world view, except he’s targeting the wrong race.

The Reality

All jokes aside, the real tragedy of Kanye is the fact that he’s obviously being used. Milo Yiannopoulos may have used him and Nick Fuentes to vilify Trump in pure revenge2526. Media pundits will surely use the story of Kanye to go after all black conservatives. They’ll connect Kanye’s respect for people like Trump and Candace Owens as a path to radicalization. It will be just another story to sow further confusion between being anti-Zionist (e.g. against the policies of the government of Israel) and being anti-Jewish (racist against a specific ethnic group). It’s just another excuse to demonizing ideas in the ongoing war on dissent27.

People write off Kanye as crazy, without realizing the screwed up world of music and entertainment that rips through individuals to make them into stars. Kanye’s story is really about the underbelly of Hollywood. People want to enjoy their pop music and generic big budget movies, while ignoring news stories about manipulation and abuse23. Hollywood is like the meat packing industry. Most people want to enjoy their steaks, but don’t want to know how their sausage is made.

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