Canadian Maple Leave over Ukrainian Flag

Have those who have fought in the militaries of oppressive governments known the evil they supported, or are they only judged that way if their battle ends up on the wrong side of history? Many soldiers likely believed in their nation and its leader’s message. In just the past month, I had been blown away by the peace and love shown by the Canadian protestors in trying to defend their human rights. I felt sick to my stomach as I watched their House of Commons pass the resolution for emergency measures1. Although Trudeau relented and withdrew his request, it doesn’t change the fact that the Canadian legislators in the house were willing to enact a tyrannical emergency powers act against peaceful protestors.

As the situation in Russia and Ukraine unfolds, we are about to see nations form new lines of alliances, based on their core ideologies. Although the events may seem unrelated, I believe many policies we’ve seen internationally are a direct result of overreaching organizations such as The World Economic Forum, The International Monetary Fund, The World Health Organization, BlackRock and others. The real question people should be asking, regarding the Russian conflict, is this: Are Putin’s actions a direct stand against globalism and the policies of the globalist leaders, or are all his actions intentional to help further the collapse of world economies?

Biden and Ukraine

During the most free and fair elections in American history, major social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook explicitly censored all posts regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop and the deep web of corruption surrounding the Biden family and Ukraine. Biden has openly talked about how he used his influence to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired in exchange for over one billion dollars in aid2. The book Laptop from Hell details Tony Bobulinski’s work with the Biden family, and the secret deals in China that lead to the famous phrase “10% for ‘the Big Guy’,” kickbacks intended for Biden3. Biden is corrupt and his influence as been openly sold to Ukraine, China and other powers foreign and domestic.

Enemy at the Gate

Map of NATO Expanding over Eastern Europe
Map of NATO Expanding over Eastern Europe

Russia made the first hot strike into Ukraine. I want to be very clear: any casualties to the innocent civilians in Ukraine are absolutely horrific and inexcusable. Why is Russia making the first strike? Because along its borders, NATO has been expanding.

NATO has expanded to thirteen countries, up to the borders of Russia4. The Cuban Missile Crisis involved Russia creating military installations dangerously close to America. It was obviously something that couldn’t be allowed to stand, and almost landed the two superpowers into a war with tactical nuclear weapons. Russia did invade Ukraine first, but to say they were unprovoked is a shallow view of the situation. America would not stand for Russian alliances and military bases forming in South and Central America. Why should Russia’s defensive posture be any different?

Some might argue that despite NATO expansionism, Russia still lead the invasion unprovoked. Unfortunately, there is no moral high ground for the nations that participated in George W. Bush’s Coalition of the Willing and their unprovoked invasion of Iraq. No one came to the aid of the Iraqis as American forces and their allies killed and displaced hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people in the region.

There are officials like Admiral James Stavridis who believes Russia is making a play to rebuild its previous empire that it once held during the Soviet era5. However, retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor has stated how the Russians have been very careful to not attack civilian targets, minimize damage, and not to cut off power, utilities and Internet6. According to Douglas, Russia has been more reserved than America had been in Iraq, and their nation is likely seeking neutrality from Ukraine. In his view, Zelenskyy is prolonging the inevitable and putting the lives of soldiers and civilians unnecessarily at risk7. As a counterargument to Douglas, a deleted (but archived) statement by Akopov for a Russian news agency speaks about how the war is directly between Russia and the West8.

The situation in Ukraine is a complex one. The nation has been in a state of tug-of-war between Western and Russian powers ever since the Soviet Union dissolved. It has been met with a barrage of civil war, military coups and corruption, much of which is discussed in the 2016 Oliver Stone Documentary, Ukraine on Fire.

Boycott, Divest, Sanction and Hate

Sanctions never hurt the leaders of autocratic regimes. Foreign aid is often used as a means of supporting corruption; used by democratic nations to prop up autocratic states in order to extract resources. In the same way, sanctions only hurt the populous and never the leaders. Most Russian banks were cut off from Google and Apple Pay9, resulting in clogged up Metros as Russians had to switch to cash10. Some organizations pulling out of the Russian market are ridiculously comical, such as the International Cat Federation banning Russian cats from competition11, or CD PROJEKT RED pulling its video games12 (saving Russians from playing the buggiest big budget Cyberpunk game in history). However, the full list of companies leaving the Russian market is over 300 and growing13.

Many of these are not official government mandated sanctions. They are individual corporations who have decided to pull out of markets on their own volition. This will not encourage the Russian people to take a stand against their own government. Russians do not have the freedom to protest, and most of us are familiar with the band Pussy Riot being jailed for anti-Russian political stances. The only thing these sanctions will accomplish is turning Russians against the West. This may likely be the actual intent.


An account on Twitter was suspended and removed for an analysis theorizing that Putin was specifically targeting US/Ukrainian bioweapons facilities14. The United States does officially operate facilities for the Department of Defense’s “Biological Threat Reduction Program” inside Ukraine15. Critics of the claim state that these labs are for biological defense, and that Russia even participated in some activities at these facilities16. Major General Igor Konashenkov, a representative of the Russian ministry of defense, claimed they had official documents on bioweapons research labs17. China, whose own labs are likely the cause of the pandemic, also made the claim that the United States had 26 labs inside Ukraine18. Most of these labs have been public knowledge, until recently, when the US Embassy scrubbed many of the pages about their existence from their website19.

Immediately, all the major fact checking agencies claimed this information was false202122, even though there was no way for them to verify the existence or non-existence of secret biological research facilities23. Florida Senator Marco Rubio questioned the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, if Ukraine had “chemical or biological weapons24.” Newsweek claimed Nuland’s statements confirmed there were no biological weapons labs25. Glenn Greenwald, however, questioned why Nuland would be gravely concerned about the possibility that such research would fall into Russian hands, unless these labs contained weapons or research that could be turned into weapons26.

There is clear evidence the United States was operating biological research labs within Ukraine. Some may argue that threat reduction does not necessarily mean weapons or gain of function research. We have witnessed the devastating primary and secondary effects of a global fear of disease. Operating so many of these labs in Ukraine is horrifically irresponsible, not only to the world, but to the Ukrainian people.

Loyalty to Europe and Russia

The closest I’ve ever been to Ukraine was when I visited Moldova. On the Nistru River, there are border crossings for the breakaway region of Transnistria. Sandwiched between Ukraine and Moldova, it’s a province loyal to Russia. Rumors from the US embassy in Chișinău indicated that Russia sent troops and supplies to the region via Ukraine, with an escort of Moldovan soldiers; a sign of corruption from all sides. A few weeks prior to my arrival, the Prime Minister of Moldova was indicted for embezzling one billion euros27, nearly 12% of the nation’s wealth28.

Graffiti saying 'I Am Moldovan! I speak Moldovan!' with Moldovan painted over and replaced with 'You are an Ox/Idiot'

Moldovans are taught both Russian and Romanian growing up, and can read and write both scripts. Some Moldovans support the European Union. Some vineyards attempted to switch their grapes from those popular in Russia to those popular in EU markets, only to be undercut by fierce competition from winemakers in other nations. In the capital of Moldova, metal wheelchair ramps are welded to staircases in an attempt to meet EU requirements for accessibility. Their angle is too steep to be used by wheelchairs, and they’re only used by carts or bikes.

Moldovan War Memorial in Chișinău
Moldovan War Memorial in Chișinău

If a house in Moldova has a fence, the bars are always arranged so you can see through the front gate. The practices started in the soviet era where people kept no secrets. Their national museum has sections dedicated to political dissidents who were taken away to Russian gulags.

Neighborhood in Criuleni, Moldova
Neighborhood in Criuleni, Moldova

Many of the non-NATO nations in the regions of Eastern Europe are caught in a very difficult political split between the European Union, Russia and sometimes China. I watched a store clerk only speak Russian to a friend who kept telling her he only knew Romanian. She refused to switch languages, a symbol of her loyalty similar to certain outward symbols of politics today. The Cold War may be over, but two great powers still exert control and request fidelity from nations whose citizens are poor and caught between the political spheres of two giants.

The Fog of War

Indian news sites showed videos of air raid sirens going off as planes flew over cities in Ukraine29. These videos were actually from a Russian airshow in 20203031. Kyiv Post, a Ukrainian newspaper, posted a photo of “the 6th Russian aircraft downed by Ukraine.” The photo was from 1993 when two MIG-29s collided at an airshow32. Videos from military and flight combat video games such as Arma 3 and DCS: World have been passed off on social media and news sites as videos from the current Ukraine conflict33. A photo of President Zelensky in full military gear, often praised as evidence of the leader’s involvement on the battlefield, is actually from a 2021 peacetime visit to Donbass34. Reports by The Telegraph of battlefield crematoriums turned out to be from a 2013 video posted by a Russian incinerator construction company, and the solders who supposedly were killed on a Ukrainian island after saying “Go fuck yourselves” to Russian troops, actually surrendered peacefully35. It should be clear that The Ghost of Kyiv is blatant, obvious, wartime propaganda.

Tim Pool was showing clips from a live video feed of Russian assaulting a nuclear facility, that does appear to be real footage36. However, with Russia not cutting off Internet and communication infrastructure to the people of Ukraine, we should have a lot more actual battle videos. Instead, the opening days of the war showed nothing but old videos from years ago, misrepresented and repurposed. It lends credibility to the reports that Russia is avoiding civilian areas; allowing communication to remain open as a tactic to show a different reality in Ukraine. In this new era of war propaganda, it is wise to never trust, and always verify.

Oil and Wheat

Donald Trump accurately predicted our current state of fuel pricing, both during his 2020 campaign37, and in October of 202138 long before the tensions grew in Ukraine37. The Biden administration has been very quick to blame the current fuel crisis on Ukraine, and not his failed energy policy. Biden killed the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have reduced America’s environmental burden by using a pipeline for fuel transport, instead of slower and less efficient rail and truck fleets39. Biden’s policy to support modern rail and transport barons increases our environmental burden, and directly undermined America’s access to energy independence.

“…I’m willing to pay four dollars a gallon. I’m willing to pay fifteen dollars a gallon, cause I drive a Tesla…“ -Stephen Colbert40

America has started to look towards easing sanctions on Venezuela in order to replace Russian oil imports41, even though Russian oil only makes up 3% of the American oil supply42. Rather than attempting to make American energy independent, Biden’s administration is replacing oil from one autocratic state with another autocratic state. It does so while maintaining a failing green energy policy that has lead to windmill landfills43, and green energy sources that produce considerable amounts of environmentally devastating waste44.

Meanwhile, a more disturbing economic trend has started to arise. The following graph is not the cost of oil, a meme stock or cryptocurrency45. The following is the cost of wheat.

Rising Price of Wheat
Rising Price of Wheat

Ukraine is known as “The breadbasket of Europe,” and the war has led to rises in wheat costs we haven’t seen since the rampant speculation of grain futures of 201246.

Price of Wheat Continuous Contract
Price of Wheat Continuous Contract

The Great Economic Shell Game

In Canada, an MP brought up a question about Schwab and his influence on ministers in the Canadian government. It was immediately shut down, even though Klaus Schwab has commented publicly on the influence the World Economic Forum has over Canada47. Trudeau is a member of the WEF48, as was Vladimir Putin, until he was barred from the forum and his profile scrubbed from their website in March49.

The previous two years have seen countless industries profit from the fear and misery off of a global population. Within that frenzy, those who have been paying attention have noticed that an absolutely insane amount of global companies have controlling interests from a handful of very powerful investment firms: BlackRock50, Vanguard, State Street, Berkshire Hathaway, et al51.

“Who controls the food supply controls the people. Who controls the energy can control whole continents. Who controls money can control the world” -Henry Kissinger52

These massive investment firms have controlling interests in all the major pharmaceutical companies, many of the world’s media conglomerates, a large host of international farming corporations and even various world governments50. Investment firms, The World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab and all of their allies are openly pushing the idea of The Great Reset. It is a project with an egalitarian name, but will likely result in the further accumulation of wealth and power for the world’s largest investment firms, while leaving the world struggling in the blowback from failed collectivism policies.

As we’ve clearly seen from the freezing of bank accounts for those who simply contributed to the peaceful trucker protests in Canada, controlling the supply of money to individuals can halt civil actions, jeopardize freedom, violate human rights and create worlds that conform to the views of unified, dictatorial voices.


Ukraine is now the dominant topic of the legacy media is using to enthrall the world. People have forgotten about the heroic truckers of Canada, and how Tamara Lich, one of their organizers, was held as a political prisoner who had to fight for bail. Although many nations around the world are removing their COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates, it should have never been possible for them to deprive citizens of their individual rights. Rights that can be taken away at the whim with an emergency order, for months or years on end, are not rights. The governments of the world have reduced rights to privileges.

Meme from Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom with him replacing COVID with Russia

Real Enemies

Big media, big tech and our own governments implemented divisive policies that violated individual rights and created schisms between one another in nations all around the world. We were already on the verge of burning witches. Now the recent conflict in Ukraine has people split even further, with many pushing for military action. The implementation of a no-fly zone over Ukraine, and shooting down Russian aircraft, is pure madness and would surely lead to an all out hot war53. Senator Lindsey Graham openly called for the assassination of Russia’s head of state54, and Facebook has suspended rules about promoting violence for war posts urging harm to Russian invaders55.

American media has spent years demonizing Russia, while placing China on a pedestal. The four years of Russian Collusion in the 2016 election has been proven to be entirely false. The FISA warrant against Carter Page was obtained using evidence from a Yahoo News article, an article that was a complete fabrication leaked to Yahoo News by the FBI56. General Flynn’s good name was dragged through hell by a corrupt FBI, corrupt prosecutors, and the activist judge Emmet Sullivan, in what can only be described as a political judicial saga57. For four years, Google, Facebook, YouTube and others allowed countless videos and posts on election interference by Russia, yet they completely stonewalled any posts for one of the most contentious Free, Fair and Fortified election in American history.

Movies such as the 2019 DreamWorks film Abominable and the 2021 Marvel film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings take place in, and are intended to appeal to, Chinese markets. Movie endings have been changed for Chinese theaters for many motion pictures. The 2012 remake of Red Dawn used North Korea as the enemy instead of the China, in order to appease Chinese officials, even though the movie was never released into their markets58.

Westerners in countries across the world are being fed a narrative of uniting with the Ukrainian people and demonizing, not just the Russian government, but their people as well. Meanwhile, billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya stated on his podcast that he didn’t have the capacity to care for the plight of the Uyghurs, an ethnic minority that faces widespread detention and state-forced labor by the Chinese government59.

During World War II, the United States locked up Japanese people, many who were US citizens, in concentration camps at Manzanar. The Supreme Court upheld the detainment in the landmark case of Korematsu v. United States. The growing demonization of Russian people shows that Americans haven’t learned a damn thing. Media and corporate giants are pushing the populace into an irrational and Orwellian 2 minute hate against Russians.

The Face of Weakness

Why now? Why is Russia invading Ukraine now instead of a year ago? The answer should be obvious. The West is weak. Biden is the weakest President in recent American history. Former president Trump not only displayed strength, but he was also the first president in my lifetime to not start a new war. Signing three historic treaties, Trump used that strength to bring about peace.

Even though Trump was replaced by an administration with a horrific history of expanding on the wars of neoconservatives, Biden’s horrific failed withdrawal from Afghanistan was a clear sign of his administration’s incompetence. Sending Kamala Harris to Europe was nothing less than a slap in the face60, as Harris herself has shown she only has a child’s understanding of foreign affairs61.

Ukraine returned their nuclear arsenal back into the hands of the Russians after the fall of the Soviet Union. These were Russian weapons that Ukraine wouldn’t have been able to maintain control over, even if they maintained possession of them. Professor Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago made the case that the United States should have pushed for a nuclear Ukraine, working with their government to create fire control systems for the remaining arsenal62. It would have been unlikely Russia would have stood for such an agreement during the 90s, not to mention having more nuclear players on the field ultimately leads to a less safe world. Nuclear deterrents are absolutely horrific and immoral. Any actual use would be absolutely catastrophic, leaving countless masses of people dead. Those who are injured, surviving in wastelands of rubble and devastated infrastructure, would have no hope of rescue; left to die slowly and horrifically63.

According to Senator Ted Cruz, when the Biden administration relaxed sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, both Poland and Ukraine told American Senators the move would lead to a Russian invasion. In a recent conference call with Senators, President Zelenskyy emphasized that if the sanctions had been restored on Nord Stream 2, the invasion would have been avoided64. The Biden administration was given clear warnings, from leaders both foreign and domestic, of the recklessness of their policies, and ignored them anyway.

It’s difficult to know what would happen in an alternate universe, but I highly doubt Russia would take actions against Ukraine if American had strong leaderships that was concerned with borders and security. Instead, Russian leaders see western nations that are more concerned about childhood sex education and correct pronoun usage than dealing with the hard issues of resource management and national defense.

Resource and Security Interests

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) is one of the largest silicon and semiconductor manufacturers in the world. It creates chips for AMD, nVidia, auto-makers and others. In 2020, they announced plans to build a new American facility65. Intel announced plans to build a massive silicon fabrication facility in Ohio66. These factories will take years to build, and likely won’t come online until at least 2023, if not 2025. Bringing the supply chain for American products back domestically is critical, but these massive freeways of manufacturing cannot be shifted overnight.

In the interim, fuel prices will grow substantially over the next year. I predict some parts of the US will hit $9 per gallon. The era of globalization is certainly over. The pandemic has made companies realize critical pieces of their supply chains must be moved back domestically. This could open a lot of high income factory work for Americans. However, this late in the game, it will certainly be preceded by even more shortages for computer parts, integrated circuits and other silicon. The US has raw materials as well, but mining them would mean compromising the environment, sometimes near national parks, reservations or towns67.

The Cold Reality

The United States is more like Russia than any American wants to admit. Like Russia, our elections are now questionable. Ukraine’s government is corrupt and has learned the hard way what many middle-eastern nations have known for decades: no matter how much you submit to America and the West, America will carpet bomb your nation at a whim, or ignore it entirely in an invasion. Former Vice President Biden is the weakest president to take office, and that weakness has directly resulted in the crisis we see unwinding on the world stage right now.

As more media voices are beating the drums of war, people of the world are forgetting the devastating social policies that crushed world economies and the rights of individuals, in mostly democratic nations. Fear pushed countries to end medical privacy and mandate experimental and untested medication. In the United States, court orders forcing the FDA to release documents relating to Pfizer’s medication, under the Freedom of Information Act, show over 1,200 fatalities recorded over a 90-day period between December 2020 and February 202168. Fact-checkers have labeled the documents as “overblown69.”

Autocratic regimes exert power to keep people in a perpetual state of fear, with slight moments of reprieve. In America, most of the COVID mandates have started to disappear just in time for the midterm elections. Although New Zealand’s High Court ruled Prime Minister Jacinda Arden’s vaccine mandates a “gross violation of human rights70,” people must never forget that this head of state told her citizens to see the New Zealand government as a “single source of truth71.”

Ontario may have finally dropped vaccine passport requirements72, but Canadians should never forget that Justin Trudeau, the illegitimate son of Fidel Castro737475, accused the largest human rights protest in Canadian history76 of being filled with racists and white supremacists. He froze many of their bank accounts, sought unprecedented emergency powers, and violated their fundamental human rights.

In other nations, restrictions are starting to subside as well. However, there is no acknowledgement that lockdowns only reduced deaths by 0.2 percent77, or that the secondary effects were significantly worse than COVID. Without legislation baring the use of such practices in the future, there is no true reconciliation or promise that these measures will never been implemented again78.

The War with Ukraine is not, and should never reach, the scale of an international conflict. It is a regional conflict, and a direct result of encroaching alliances, failed diplomacy and weak leaders. It is being exploited, just as the previous two years of crisis, by those who would seek to impose a new order on the world; a world controlled by those who despise the workers of a free and independent humanity. Any intervention by Western nations in Ukraine would result in deaths, orders of magnitudes higher than what is currently taking place.

The entire war may all be part of a narrative spun by Klaus Schwab, The World Economic Forum and other powerful tycoons to exert more controller over the global population. It could also be a genuine break by Russia from the globalists and the powers they seek to impose. In either case, people of the world will be bombarded with conflicting propaganda disguised as news and information. Americans are being told to care about a region, with no strategic interests, ruled by a corrupt autocracy, that is being invaded by another corrupt autocracy. Meanwhile, the media is ignoring the very real threat of China, against the nation of Taiwan, that could very easily bleed into Korea and Japan; all of which are democratic allies with strategic American interests.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a deeply complex one, which is being simplified into pithy phrases and talking points by international media outlets. We are entering a dangerous time when people are being divided once again, with some supporting war between well armed nuclear powers. We are being pushed forward into new conflict, without addressing the human rights violations of the past two years. War is hell, is the understatement of the century. The people of Ukraine, America, Russia and others around the world are pawns in a game of corruption and corporate interests. We do not know how this era will end, but we do know it is far from over. May God have mercy on us all.

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones” -Albert Einstein

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